Restaurant Success Tips

It’s hard to find a gig that compares to being a food truck owner. Setting up a single location and drawing return crowds, while providing consistently great service and food—these are the basics for brick and mortar dining establishments. But the unique nature of a food truck requires different ways of doing business, and with it, a unique set of challenges.  

Along with applying for parking permits and standing out in a highly competitive arena of the food industry, food truck operators must also contend with their mobility and its limitations, a lack of space for bulk inventory, marketing new locations, and more.

Even so, these drawbacks are offset by the opportunities a food truck’s mobility affords. When it comes to making a profit, your mobility is your best asset. Navigating bustling streets and happening corners is just one way to make money. But how about booking catering gigs? Music festivals, weddings, and corporate events are profitable opportunities for food truck operators. With a reliable Food Truck POS, you have the luxury of putting your food truck in front of new customers in different neighborhoods every day.

How Food Trucks Can Book More Events

You’re ready to book your food truck—now how do you find events? Here are three ways to book new catering gigs for your food truck:

1. Update Your Website

If you haven’t noticed, websites are the models of the Internet. The more compelling one looks, the more interest it garners. Keeping a clean and polished website is important—we cannot emphasize this enough. Your website is a mirror of your business—if it looks a mess, you can be sure that a potential client will think your food truck is the same.

Visitors might have had zero interaction with your actual business, and will be judging your capabilities by your website. Interested parties might receive recommendations, find your name in a web search, or be led to your site by a magazine article. Don’t let your site scare off customers. It’s worth investing in an update to attract more customers.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO is imperative for food trucks and foodservice businesses, because the stronger your Local SEO ratings, the higher your location will rank in local searches. In today’s world of mobile searching and instant gratification, customers are likely to go with the top option they see when they ask Google for “nearby food trucks.” Keep the following in mind when creating a search engine optimized website, we’ll go into further detail below.

  •     Targeted catchphrases and expressions
  •     A great inbound promoting methodology
  •     Social Media commitment
  •     On-page SEO
  •     Providing helpful and important substance
  •     Listings on Google My Business
  •     Reviews of your business on Google
  •     Citations and Link Building
  •     Avoid Black Hat SEO procedures
  •     Optimizing your site for portable use
  •     Having a steady blog

Content Updates

Giving helpful and significant website content implies not to fill your site with cushion, or have your whole site be a promotion for your business. Exhibit your incentive to your locale by including content that helps perusers and is significant to your business. Research the issues that your clients are confronting and make content that plans to take care of their issues.

Provide helpful information on your blog and continue to update the information consistently to get customers