Faster lines, happier guests.

Cafeteria POS

Serve more guests in less time with Lavu’s cafeteria POS system.

Offer Speedy Service with the Most Modern Cafeteria POS System

Customers coming through a cafeteria line need speedy, simple service. Whether they’re grabbing lunch at school, work, or a large corporate building, they typically don’t have much time. With Lavu’s iPad touchscreen POS system, you can serve customers the way they need it—fast and easy!

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Features of Lavu’s Cafeteria POS

Keep lines moving and customers happy with Lavu’s cafeteria point-of-sale system.

iPad Touchscreen Technology

Easy-to-Use iPad

Process each order with ease and efficiency using iPad POS touchscreens that customers already know and love.

ID Code / Badge Scanning Checkout

ID Code / Badge Scanning Checkout

Speed up checkout by offering ID codes or badge scanning that processes orders from registered customers.

Easy Online Orders for Pick-Up or Delivery

Online Ordering for Grab-and-Go

Sync your cafeteria with online ordering options so customers can process orders ahead of time and grab-and-go.

Self-Service Ordering Kiosks

Ordering Kiosks

Cut lines and expedite service using standing kiosks and tableside tablets that allow guests to quickly place orders on their own.

Beautiful Menu Design & Food Photos

Easy Menu

Easily accommodate rotating menus with software that updates menu offerings based on the time of day and day of the week.

Speedy & Secure Payment Options

Speedy & Secure Payment Options

Quickly process every transaction with PCI-compliant payment processing that can accept payment even if the internet isn’t working.

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Customize Your Cafeteria POS to Work Exactly Like You Need It To

Every cafeteria has different customers, food options, and needs. With Lavu’s cafeteria POS, you can be sure that your system is set up to accommodate all of your unique needs. Choose from over 200 features that can design your system to work for your unique cafeteria type and customer base. Lavu’s POS works great for:

– Schools
– Colleges
– Hospitals
– Corporate offices
– And more

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Run Your Cafeteria with Better Tools & Insights

To run an efficient and profitable cafeteria, you need a POS system that can do more than process payment and checkout.
With Lavu’s POS, you can choose from over 200 features that help you run your cafeteria from top to bottom.

  • Track and order inventory
  • Provide combo builders
  • Monitor best and worst selling menu items
  • Offer multiple payment options
  • Manage employee clock in and out
  • Sync with kitchen displays across multiple stations
  • Create customer profiles
  • Connect open API to other software

Get a Demo of Lavu’s Cafeteria POS

See how Lavu’s cafeteria POS can provide everything you need to keep lines moving and customers happy. Sign up for a free demo and see exactly how Lavu’s POS can work for your unique cafeteria needs.

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