Lavu believes in the power of an engaging, open work environment.

Here you will find a diverse background of talented individuals all working toward the same goal: to empower our customers in the restaurant industry throughout the world to realize their full potential.

Our Open Positions

A healthy culture & great people, the possibilities are endless

Lavuers are a particular type of people. We thrive when solving problems and embrace the chance to do so together, as a team. When it’s time to work, we keep our heads down, and when it’s time to play, we lift our glasses high. We come in expecting to make a difference, and we leave satisfied that we have. Our aim is to move our customers from good to great—always

Every person who works here has . . .

  • a desire to help others
  • a dedicated, can-do work ethic
  • both an independent creative
    streak and an eagerness to

Lavu Work Life

Taking Care of Our Own

We offer excellent benefits for employees and families, including medical, dental, vision, and
retirement plans

Purposely Wandering

We know that time away from the office is crucial for a well-balanced, healthy life, and that the best ideas come when you least expect them. Our paid-time-off plan allows you and your mind to wander several weeks a year.

Healthy Work Environment

Between our company happy hours and company parties, we value time away from our computers, face to face with fun colleagues.

We Love the Local Scene

Lavu headquarters are located in downtown Albuquerque, on Central Avenue—the former Route 66. Whatever your hobbies, Albuquerque has something for you: beautiful hikes in the Sandia Mountains, salsa nights at the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History, biking along the Rio Grande, and so much more. Don’t be surprised to see hot air balloons dot the morning sky; we are home to the annual International Balloon Fiesta.

In the Words of Lavuers

“I started working for Lavu in 2012 when it was a bootstrap startup. I’m proud to still be a part of this team because we have grown and fine-tuned ourselves into a fantastic crew where everyone is valued. We come from backgrounds as unique and varied as the customers who use our software. Diversity is a core strength of ours, and the spirit of the bootstrap startup remains.

A Lavuer is one who has knowledge, passion, and a desire help others. Many times over I have been elated by our company actions, whether they be supporting public broadcasting or sponsoring local art and hip-hop. Lavu is all about striving for greatness and constantly improving while embracing uniqueness, and that’s what I’m all about too.”— Errol Bennett, Customer Care

“I’ve worked in the restaurant industry pretty much since I learned to crawl. Customer service is ingrained in me, to the point where if I think of a guest getting bad service I start to twitch and perspire. Lavu’s customer-centric attitude is the perfect fit for me. Our company is all about helping our customers succeed at giving their customers great service.

Lavu cares about the guest experience and wants it to be seamless in every possible way and that is why I love to work here. We have a product that delivers and that connects the world, and I come to work every day excited to see who I’ll be serving next.”

— Mike McCabe, Reseller Department