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The New Normal: Self-Signup for Online Ordering with MenuDrive

In November 2019, Saleem S. Khatri, CEO of Lavu and MenuDrive, wrote […]

Surviving COVID-19: Help Others Serve the Community Through Your Restaurant

The world is facing tumultuous times with the COVID-19 pandemic, but the […]

Surviving COVID-19: Adapt Your Restaurant Menu During a Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the one common denominator amongst restaurants that are […]

Surviving COVID-19: Your Guide to Social Media Engagement for Restaurants

Are your restaurant’s social media pages lacking the engagement you need to […]

Surviving COVID-19: Set up Delivery for your Restaurant

Did you know with Lavu’s partnership with MenuDrive, you can partner with […]

Surviving COVID-19: Create Email Campaigns for your Restaurant that Convert Even if You’re Not Tech Savvy

If you’ve been stalling on creating email campaigns for your restaurant because […]

Surviving COVID-19: Market Your Restaurant with a $0 Budget

Restaurants are looking at marketing from a new perspective in today’s uncertain […]

Surviving COVID-19: Keeping Customers and Staff Safe

In a society that can barely handle regular physical boundaries of one […]

Generate More Business With an Easter Promotion

Easter is right around the corner, but they won’t look like a […]

Surviving COVID-19: Communicating With Your Customers

The global pandemic has prompted an exuberant amount of COVID-19 emails. As […]

Surviving COVID-19: Illness or Coronavirus… Ensuring Staff Stay Home When Sick

There are a number of suggestions about when someone should stay home […]

Surviving Covid-19: Keeping Your Restaurant Squeaky Clean

Cleanliness is nothing new to the food service industry. It can make […]