How to Create a Successful Restaurant Menu

successful restaurant menu

How to Create a Successful Restaurant Menu

What’s inside this eBook?

No matter how someone describes it—menu engineering, menu psychology, or menu pricing—creating a successful restaurant menu can mean the difference between lasting years in the business and not surviving past the first year. Your restaurant’s menu should inform customers about what you are selling, how much it costs, and —most importantly—why they should buy it.

Think about it! Have you ever visited a restaurant where the menu was more like a book, and you became extremely overwhelmed with choices? On the other hand, you’ve probably encountered a menu with only a handful of food items with possibly nothing that even sounded appealing. We’ll help your customers avoid that conundrum by walking you through the most important menu-building steps.

Our How to Create a Successful Restaurant Menu eBook guides you through all of the steps including pricing formulas, effective design, and strategic dish descriptions. Let our experts take you through the whole menu creation process—soup to nuts.

This eBook includes how to:

  • Calculate food cost percentages
  • Price your menu items to make a profit
  • Understand the psychology behind menu sizes and layouts
  • Strategically organize your menu for your market and goals
  • Use photos and illustrations more effectively

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