Speeding Up Restaurant Service with a Tableside POS

Speeding Up Restaurant Service Tableside

Speeding Up Restaurant Service with a Tableside POS

What’s inside this eBook?

Restaurant technology has advanced tremendously over the years. From sales apps to mobile ordering to POS systems, the focus is on speeding up restaurant service and enhancing the user experience. Restaurants are using ordering technology to serve their customers more efficiently, and a good ordering system like Lavu should speed up service and enhance tableside ordering. Our product includes an order taking app, order history, and credit card processing and will offer:

  • Fewer Mistakes: Inputting an order tableside and sending directly to the kitchen reduces communication errors and service load times.
  • Quicker Turnover: Time is cut during the sales order process and the payment process, allowing your restaurant to turn more tables.
  • Additional Tools: Lavu’s POS platform also provides management and cost-cutting features to help your restaurant succeed.

Say goodbye to exasperated customers and wasted food. Allow your staff to accept orders and manage customers easily, especially during busy times. Restaurant operators around the world are implementing restaurant technology solutions that streamline ordering to drive success. Lavu’s full-featured platform provides everything you need in one place.

This eBook includes how to:

  • Increase accuracy of orders
  • Increase speed of service
  • Evaluate restaurant POS options
  • Enhance tableside service
  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase turn tables rate
  • Collect relevant customer data
  • And much more!

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