Lavu Loyalty App

Lavu Loyalty App

Develop a more loyal and productive relationship with your customers.

Mejorar el servicio al cliente

Aumentar los gastos de las transacciones de los clientes

Recopilar & usar datos procesables

Aumentar la velocidad del servicio

Foster & recompensar la lealtad a la marca

Conducir más pisadas en las tiendas…

Benefits of the Lavu Loyalty App

Increase Operational Efficiency

Decrease service time through Pre-Order and Pay-at-POS with automated loyalty redemption.

Improve Brand Loyalty.

Get better customer engagement with your brand. Your App design will be fully branded with your logo, images, colors, & fonts or you can use our API and design your own. Base target messages & rewards on real customer behavior.


Customers can skip the line by pre-ordering; the order is sent directly to the POS and a countdown shown to the customer. Product information is pulled from the POS and preorder menus can be managed through the Lavu Loyalty App web console.

In Store Payment & Loyalty

Customers check-in to earn & burn loyalty in your stores and can pay securely. Payments are via debit/credit card, Apple Pay, Android Pay or PayPal payment or customers can pay separately. Staff see customer profile information on the POS and can greet customers by name, upsell favorite items, and more.

Drive Revenue

Increase order frequency and average order value by increasing capacity and engaging your most valuable customers.

Discovery / Social Integration

Customers can find and learn more about your stores – turn-by-turn directions, store information, links to related apps, & social media. Social sign-up simplifies onboarding.

Una aplicación Premium con marca personalizada Tu
A los clientes les encantará

La plataforma Lavu impulsa aplicaciones móviles elegantes, con todas las funciones y marcas para que los restaurantes deleiten a los clientes, impulsen el crecimiento de los ingresos, &amplifiquen; ofrezcan un fuerte retorno de la inversión.

Comprehensive Data, Analytics, & Reporting

Learn more about your customers – how they are using the app, what time of day, and their favorite products.
Lavu’s dashboard allows you to monitor your stores in real-time and provides actionable insight for data-driven marketing.

Targeted Marketing & Surveys

Customer segmentation combined with push notifications and interactive in-app messaging enables personalized and relevant customer communication & surveying capability..

Extensible & Flexible.

Lavu is open to developers and partners through its API. We can integrate with most modern CRMs, email service providers, payment gateways, & 3rd party technology providers.


Lavu is enterprise-grade: manageable, secure, scalable, and responsive.

Self Administered

Everything you need to manage your app is within the merchant web console (e.g., customer service portal, app content management system / CMS)

«A mis clientes les encanta. He aumentado los ingresos en un 11% en el último año. La aplicación de lealtad Lavu es una gran parte de eso.»

Pete Watkins, Propietario, CWTCH

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