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There are pros and cons to hiring young staff. Keep these 6 tactics in mind when training entry-level employees.

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Working in the restaurant industry is an interesting experience to many people. For business owners, they need to hire people with the same amount of passion. You may need to hire a prep cook, wait staff, head chef, general manager, and other staff members. In so doing, you need to make sure they have the right restaurant experience and ability to work in restaurants.

You need a training plan to build a great team of restaurant staff and enhance your restaurant management. Of course, you will need to consider your type of restaurant, staff training, and other factors. For full time employees, especially restaurants server, you will need to equip them with excellent customer service and food service skills. Such skills will help in building a reputation for your restaurant business. Some important tips on how to train restaurant staff:

  • Engage: Get young employees invested by keeping them engaged and challenged from the start. 
  • Teach: You have a perfect opportunity to train new employees the way you want without any previous bad habits. 
  • Converse: Keep an open discourse as you train entry-level employees, you may learn from them and you’ll make them feel a part of the process
  • Invest in young employees, but train them properly. 

Remember you may have to teach entry-level employees some basics such as maintaining eye contact, dealing with difficult customers, and professional boundaries. A good place to start is developing a training manual as a guide for restaurant jobs.

With this exclusive Restaurant Staff Training Guide, you can:

  • Define expectations clearly
  • Set and share training goals
  • Use your employees as trainers
  • Group jobs into sections
  • Make training accessible and attainable
  • Cross train your restaurant employees

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How to Train Strong Entry level Food Service Employees

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