Ice Cream Shop POS System

Features of Lavu Ice Cream

Scale Integration

Lavu’s scale integration allows your shop to have an easy way to weigh. Calculate the total by weight, with automatically adjusted subtotals. Lavu POS integrates with a portion-control scale wirelessly through Bluetooth.

Minimal Footprint

Lavu’s cloud-based system takes up minimal space, making it ideal for use in a bustling ice cream shop. Staff can take orders on an iPad, iPhone, or even an iPod touch. You can also get all your POS hardware needs through Lavu, such as cash drawers and printers.

Ingredient-Level Inventory

Every sprinkle counts. Use Lavu to track inventory, link your inventory to your menu, and receive inventory either manually or automatically. Manage your vendor relations all in one place with Lavu’s Inventory Management system.


Customize your menu using Lavu as your ice cream shop POS. No matter how many flavors, toppings, sizes, and specials you have, Lavu will make navigating your menu a cinch. Customization options include order notes and modifiers. For instance, a pop-up on a Lavu iPad can remind servers to ask customers if they would like to upgrade to a sundae.

Customer Database

Did you have a favorite ice cream shop as a kid? Ice cream creates shared memories that remain long after the last lick. Give your customers a special experience by showing them how much you appreciate them. Lavu’s customer database lets you keep track of names, email addresses, and phone numbers, so you can build long-lasting customer relationships.

Gift and Loyalty Programs

Let your customers show their loved ones how special they are. Lavu’s gift and loyalty programs allow your customers to express their gratitude to friends and family, and they let you express your gratitude to customers. Loyalty options include loyalty points, discounts, and tiered rewards. Gift cards have no transaction fees.

Rocky Road Ice Cream, Smoothly Paved Business Operations

Ice cream Shop

Every ice cream shop and frozen yogurt shop is unique, but they all have one thing in common: the need for speedy service. Without it, your product will literally melt! No one wants a Wicked Witch of the West scenario on their hands when all they were looking for was two scoops of mint chocolate chip.

Lavu has been built for fast service, making it the ideal ice cream shop POS or frozen yogurt POS. It’s not just our fast system that makes Lavu an exceptional point of sale for shops that sell frozen treats. We have everything you need.

Banana Lickety-Split

Keep the lines flowing with Lavu POS. The exceptional speed of Apple’s iOS means rapid transactions without any loss of accuracy. Take orders and payments directly on the iPad, and provide customers with printed or emailed receipts. Customers can pay any way they wish, from cash to contactless payments such as Apple PayⓇ.

Prevent loss in the event of an Internet outage with Lavu’s offline mode. No matter what is happening with your Internet service, your ice cream shop service can still be top-notch.

Simple as Vanilla

Your ice cream or frozen yogurt shop needs a POS system that is easy to train on and use. Because you may hire seasonally, there’s a risk that training could become a huge investment. With Lavu, it doesn’t have to be. Using Lavu is as simple as using an iPad.

Lavu’s access levels allow you to restrict employee actions such as order-voiding. See how well each employee is doing at all times, for complete accountability. Lavu is also easy to set up. Our product experts can help you get your POS system up and running quickly, so you can focus on selling more sweet treats.

We use Lavu POS at Sura Korean BBQ Tofu Soju Pub & Restaurant in Long Beach! It’s super solid, fast, and reliable.

Sura Korean BBQ Tofu Soju Pub & Restaurant,
Long Beach, CA

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