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As a restaurateur, you’re always looking for ways to engage your customers. Embrace the future with Lavu Digital Menu Boards for your restaurant or bar, and create a lasting impression with customers.

Lavu Digital Menu Boards have state-of-the-art designs that will set your establishment apart. Great service is timeless. Being modern means staying up-to-date with the latest in restaurant technology.

Digital Menu Boards Are Flexible, Customizable, and Innovative

More Perks of Using a Lavu Digital Menu Board

Have Total Control with a Web-Based Interface

Just log on to the internet and make changes from whatever screen you prefer (iPhone, iPad, etc.). Push changes immediately to one screen or many.

Express Your Brand Voice

Choose digital menu board designs that represent your restaurant brand. Lavu Digital Menu Boards offer a wide range of templates and interaction selections, so you can find the best option for you.

Have Total Control with a Web-Based Interface

Display special offers and promotions prominently, so customers know to make the most of them. Promotions are an important part of customer loyalty, helping build your regular customer base

Enhance Your Establishment’s Visual Appeal

Using a digital menu board adds visual appeal to your establishment. Place digital menu boards anywhere in your establishment. Let customers know your restaurant’s design is as fresh as its food.

Highlight Featured Products or Menu Items

Do you have an exciting new menu item you’re eager to spread the word about? Feature it on your digital menu board to let everyone who comes into your establishment know about it.

Draw Customers In with Window Displays

Appeal to new customers by using eye-catching window signage highlighting special offers. Enhance the customer experience from the moment they walk by.

In a Fast-Paced Restaurant Environment, Make Pricing, Menu, & Scheduling Changes — Fast

Easily display up-to-date pricing, nutritional information, and daily specials. Media input works like a playlist and can be scheduled to change based on date or time. Recurring events like happy hours are a breeze, and limited-time offers help customers make decisions in the moment.

Engage, Entice, Enhance with Digital Signage

In-store Digital Signage allows you to visually express your brand voice. Engage your customers with timely offers, event promotions, and product highlights featured on signage throughout your establishment. Entice new customers by using eye-catching window signage highlighting specials offers. Enhance customer experience from the moment they walk by.

Lavu Digital Menu Boards Are Responsive and Feature-Rich

Lavu Digital Menu Boards have many features that simplify menu display.

Easy to edit and schedule, with options for rotating daily menus such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Choose from a variety of templates and options for video, slide shows, and on-screen widgets.

Web-based, just log on to make changes.

Works offline, so business can continue as usual if there’s an internet outage.

Using a digital menu board also helps your establishment with waste reduction.

Cut out the costs of fabricated static menu boards and physical menu updates.

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