Never miss a call-in order again with Lavu Host

Free up your staff to provide stellar service to the customer in front of them! Despite the popularity of online ordering systems, that phone is still going to ring. Now, you can leverage MenuDrive to solve inbound call issues, for good. 

Inbound phone order solutions

Do more with less

Cut labor costs

Save on labor costs by allowing on-site hosts and servers to focus on what they do best. With Lavu Host, you can eliminate or reallocate staff to focus on the customer experience and leverage your payroll dollars where they count.

Eliminate Hold Times

Reduce customer frustration when placing call-in orders by routing them to a Lavu Host immediately. Reduce wait time and reduce frustration. A friendly host will guide every customer through phone ordering.

Create raving fans

Let each customer feel like they are the only customer. With a dedicated, personal order experience, your customers will be as delighted by the process as they are by your product.

Improve Operations

With faster operations and fewer staff, you can wave goodbye to worries about missing calls, long hold times, and frustrated customers. Keep those phone lines moving swiftly and delight your customers.

Consistently Upsell

Stop missing opportunities because employees are multi-tasking on the phone. Your dedicated Lavu Host can focus on your priorities, making sure the order is complete for both you AND the customer, resulting in increased check averages.

Integrate Production

Say goodbye to hastily scrawled orders, delayed delivery, unpaid tickets and last minute POS entry. Your Lavu Host enters every ticket directly to MenuDrive, ensuring accurate delivery to Lavu POS and your KDS.

Lavu Host is a perfect pairing with Lavu POS

Smarter paths to success

Save up to $40k per year

Take charge of your operations and fight rising costs. Increasing order volume and accuracy when processed by trained professionals is the reality of Lavu Host. Reduce lost opportunities and increase your profits at the same time. Lavu is a solutions partner for restaurant owners who ruthlessly prioritize success and understand how to maximize profit. Lavu Host is a service solution available independently of Lavu’s software, and is a representation of our commitment to your success.


Instantly confirm and process payment for every phone order. Never lose a ticket to no-shows again.


Provide a seamless, customer-friendly to-go experience with from call to pickup.


Solve phone ordering problems with low-cost, trained and trusted experts focused on your business.

Focus on service

Enhance Customer Experiences

Your Lavu Host partners are always available. Studies show that an average of 30% of calls to restaurants go unanswered, and even more during peak hours. Additionally, data indicates that customers are 5x more likely to return if they have a positive experience, which compounds the value even more! Lavu Host eliminates hold times, unanswered calls, and ensures accurate and timely processing of orders.

If you want to create great experiences for every customer, Lavu Host is the answer for you.

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