Lavu Reseller Program will provide merchant-level sales reps with specialized training, in-demand technology & generous residual splits

December 14, 2022

Albuquerque, NM & Altoona, PA – Lavu, the #1 ranked restaurant POS software and payment solution provider, today announces a new independent agent sales program focused on helping Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) and individual representatives grow their portfolios with lucrative restaurant deals. Central to the program is a collaboration with CCSalesPro and James Shepherd, a Master Salesman, who has trained and mentored thousands of successful merchant services sales reps.

Lavu and Shepherd have created an intensive online program including certification courses, webinars and newsletters, to train reps in sales strategies that leverage free hardware and Dual Pricing to win lucrative restaurant deals, with lifetime vested residuals on a generous 80/20 split.

Many restaurants today are using legacy technologies that cannot support must-haves like tableside ordering, delivery app integrations and loyalty/rewards tracking. Lavu has built a comprehensive suite of cloud-based business management tools that restaurants can access using an iPad app. 

There are no upfront costs to Lavu merchants. Instead, hardware and software costs are included in the independent agents’ Schedule A. This allows sales reps the flexibility to negotiate or even waive the fees when account profitability justifies the investment. 

Lavu also supports Dual Pricing, which offers significant savings for restaurants and larger residuals for ISOs and agents. Selling Lavu with Dual Pricing positions ISOs and agents to deliver a unique value proposition to restaurants.

“Lavu’s integrated solutions are built by restaurant people for restaurant people. Our customer service is world class and our products are built to help local restaurant owners make more money. ISOs and independent sales reps are our primary sales channel. We asked James to produce a course that trains sales representatives on what we see as a winning strategy for signing restaurants, that is our solution coupled with Dual Pricing,” said Lavu CEO, Saleem S. Khatri. “What James has produced is a master class on selling high-quality, tablet-based business management solutions to restaurants.”

Shepherd is President of CCSales Pro, a company he created more than a decade ago to train sales reps for success in merchant services. Since then, the company’s training videos, featuring Shepherd, have racked up over 1 million views on YouTube, and Shepherd has completed hundreds of training engagements with merchant services ISOs, acquirers and technology companies.

“I’ve grown tired of watching software vendors bypassing the ISO and agent channel and trying to dominate verticals, like Toast has been doing in the restaurant sector,” said Shepherd. “I agreed to produce this training program and consult for Lavu because they offer through the ISO and agent channel a full PayFac experience for restaurants that is comparable to Toast, with two important differences. First, ISOs and agents receive lifetime vested residuals that are very competitive. Second it features Dual Pricing, which is more profitable for agents and ISOs, and helps restaurant owners save money.”   

Shepherd continued, “I think this is an important shift for the market in which a tech company is leveraging 1099 distribution directly. As the market becomes more verticalized, I believe we will see more programs like the one Lavu has developed.” 

The course Shepherd produced for Lavu takes about 3 hours to complete, and teaches agents everything they need to know about and to be certified to sell Lavu and Dual Pricing to restaurants. Visit Lavu now to sign up for the training. 

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Caroline Pruett, Lavu Media Relations