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With dynamic features to increase productivity and sales, Lavu takes your business from good to great. Find out how Lavu can take your establishment to the next level. Request a demo today!

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Single-Location Restaurant

Top Efficiency

As a single-location restaurant, you may not yet have an economy of scale. Maintain top efficiency without sacrificing quality using Lavu’s mobile, high-speed operations.

Faster Orders and Tickets

Keeping things moving fast on the floor and in the kitchen. Servers can take orders on the iPad, and cooks can transform tickets into meals right away.

Greater accuracy means fewer comps and discounts for inaccurate orders.

Labor Management

Quickly find out:

  • Exactly how many meals each server takes orders and payments for
  • Exactly when every staff member clocks in and clocks out
  • Exactly what your labor costs are by the hour

Quick-Access Sales Data

Never wonder how well you are doing. If you are underperforming, immediately find out why and how to fix it. If you are succeeding, discover how you can do even better. Find out more about Lavu reports.

Exceptional Customer Service

Customers will be grateful for the fast-paced, seamless service at your restaurant. There is no better way to build a loyal customer base.
Find out more about restaurant loyalty.

Give Yourself a Competitive Edge

Don’t be a lagger. Be a leader. Impress your customers with your cutting-edge technology.

Focus on the Food

Faster ordering + faster food prep = fresher food

Today’s diners demand the freshest in dishes and ingredients. By cutting back on kitchen prep time, Lavu allows you to offer the freshest in foods.

Multiple-Location / Franchise

Lavu Offers Enterprise-Level Features

Set Levels and Reporting
Lavu offers controls and reporting at both the franchisor and franchisee level, for targeted information depending on your unique needs.
Regional Reporting
Create custom reports by location, item, or sales. Access reports on your mobile device from anywhere with an Internet connection, using the Lavu Pilot App.
Access Levels and Employee Classes
Set access levels for supervisors, allowing them to view reports, schedule employee shifts, and manage time cards. Create employee classes for different job titles and pay rates.
Multiple-Location Menus and Global Menu Push
Enterprise-level accounts can immediately push company-wide menu changes and updates.

The Latest in Restaurant Tech

Technology helps to increase sales
Technology increases the productivity of restaurants
Technology gives restaurants a competitive advantage*
Lavu is the latest in restaurant tech, offering a state-of-the-art feature set.
* Source: National Restaurant Association’s Restaurant Technology Survey 2016


Save money with our industry-leading rates, including Lavu + PayPal.
Reduce the time it takes for daily operations, for faster table turnover and more customers.
Cut the costs associated with human errors, from individual comped meals to larger-scale oversights.
Cut costs by using the POS solution with the most competitive pricing.


Your technology is the most immediate way to tell customers you’re a leader. With its sleek, user-friendly interface and rich feature set, Lavu provides the latest in innovative mobile technology.

Ease of Use

In a Nielsen study, Generation Y (a.k.a. Millennials) ranked “technology use” as the most defining characteristic of their generation.* Cut back on training by letting staff use mobile devices they know like the back of their hand.

“After using Lavu in our Pinon Coffee House locations, we felt that Lavu was the best fit for our retail operation at our warehouse. All equipment arrived in a day, implementation was a breeze, and any questions were answered same day by the support team or our account manager. Hands down, Lavu is the best POS solution that we’ve come across.”

— Matthew Bregar, Controller, New Mexico Pinon Coffee


Take orders. Manage labor. Accept payments. Track inventory and sales.
  • Improve Efficiency

    Take orders on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch and send them directly to the kitchen. Watch as the tables turn and orders fly.
  • Keep Tables Turning

    Lavu’s features speed up service and simplify the processing of all payment types.
  • Manage Easier

    Schedule staff shifts, track labor costs, and take comfort in knowing that your staff is using an intuitive point of sale for all operations.
  • Keep Track of Everything

    Check real-time sales, inventory levels, and much more with the Lavu Business Management Suite.
  • If You Need It, We Have It

    Lavu’s hundreds of features answer all your business needs. From gift cards to menu customization to shift scheduling, Lavu lets you do everything on one easy system.
  • Partnerships

    Our partnerships with industry leaders ensure that you always have the best in hardware, networking, payments, and services.
“Lavu is a great POS system that has helped us a lot over the years. We do not have to shout ticket items to each other anymore, or pass order tickets to each other on a busy night.” — Atilla Suzer, Owner, Bacio Pizzeria, Washington, DC USA


We have what you need: speed.
  • Quick-Serve Mode

    Each new order starts on a simple menu screen. Upon checkout, users are sent right back to the order screen to begin another transaction. This saves time and generates quick turnover.
  • Lavu Kitchen Display System

    The Lavu Kitchen Display System allows your entire BOH staff to always know exactly what is needed and when. Send orders directly from any iOS device running Lavu POS to the KDS in the kitchen, for more streamlined, accurate operations.
  • Forced Modifiers

    When things are moving at top speed at your establishment, it’s easy to overlook important items. With Lavu’s forced modifier program, essential questions—such as, “Would you like fries with that?”—pop up in the system, to ensure that orders always have everything they need.
  • Minimal Footprint

    To run at maximum efficiency, you need maximum organization. Lavu’s hardware needs, on the other hand, are minimal, cutting down on the space in your restaurant that isn’t dedicated to serving customers.
  • Labor Management

    See how each member of your staff is performing in one quick glance. Improve operations by quickly adjusting schedules and assigning shifts.
  • Gift and Loyalty

    Lavu’s Gift and Loyalty programs will bring happy customers your way—and inspire them to keep coming back. Increase your brand awareness and boost your business’s reputation by making guests feel appreciated.Lavu Gift and Loyalty.

Bar or Nightclub

Lavu helps reduce losses by tracking inventory and managing staff.
  • Customizable Happy Hours

    Set automatic percentage or dollar discounts during certain times. During weekends and special holidays, set multiple happy hours at once.
  • Preauthorized Tabs

    Stay on top of your Friday-night rush with Lavu's tab feature. Quickly create tabs and preauthorize credit cards, so you don’t have to worry about collecting payments at the end of the night.
  • Inventory Control

    Know exactly how much of each ingredient you have in stock, and get alerts when items are running low. If you have merchandise like T-shirts or beer mugs for sale, you can track those in the Lavu POS too.
  • Easy Staff Management

    Track staff hours and assign multiple positions and pay rates. Set access levels to limit actions such as item-voiding or discounts.
  • Getting Payroll Right

    See exact labor costs per hour, to easily determine whether you need to adjust payroll. Track sales by server, and see exactly when each staff member is clocking in and out.
  • Intuitive and Mobile

    Lavu runs on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. If you can use an iPad, you can use Lavu. Using Lavu cuts out the hassle of paper tickets, so servers can have more time to focus on customer needs.
"The Lavu system helps create a seamless experience for our customers that is low-key yet sophisticated." — Sarah Benary, Owner, Brothers Drake Meadery & Bar, Columbus, Ohio, USA


Offer customers the freshest and most delicious pies on the market by speeding up service with Lavu.
  • Pizza Creator

    Create custom pizzas using our pizza creator, which lets you create virtual pizzas on your Lavu device, for easy cooking, pricing, and delivery.
  • Inventory

    Find out as soon as your mozzarella supply hits dangerously low levels. Our ingredient-tracker tells you when it’s time to reorder, with plenty of lead time. Lavu’s inventory reports let you know how every topping is selling, so you can add to or cut back on menu items accordingly—reducing spending and waste.
  • Build Any Pizza

    Add individual toppings to portions of a pizza, or add toppings to half a pie. Any toppings or half-toppings are immediately factored into the bill.
  • Customer Database

    We all have our favorite pizza toppings, from pepperoni to green chile. Save orders with our customer database, so regulars can order the usual. Search by name, phone number, or email address.
  • Online Ordering

    Set your pizzeria apart with online ordering. Integrate online ordering into your website to let customers quickly order online for delivery or take-out.
  • Delivery and Routing

    Online ordering + GPS-based delivery = piping hot pizzas at customers’ doorsteps in minutes. Enter multiple addresses, and let Lavu give drivers turn-by-turn directions to each location in the most efficient order.

Coffee Shop

Lavu helps provide the most express of espressos.
  • Inventory Tracking

    Always know exactly how much you have of every ingredient, and receive notifications when you’re running low.
  • Menu Customization

    Do you offer quirky drinks? Have a unique menu? Lavu is fully customizable for your coffee shop, no matter how specialized it is.
  • Modifiers

    Lavu’s menu prompts always remind you to ask all the right questions, such as "Would you like milk?" Our modifier program also encourages upselling, with optional prompts for items such as baked goods.
  • Loyal Customers

    With our Customer Database, customers can quickly reorder “the usual.” Lavu Loyalty allows you to track orders and reward customers with points. Loyalty points and customer information can be stored on a gift card.
  • Simple, Inexpensive Setup

    With just an iPad and a credit card swiper, you're in business. Add a cash drawer, receipt printer, and other equipment as needed. We understand it's essential that you get up and running as quickly as possible.
  • Go Green

    Lavu offers features to keep your shop Earth-friendly. Receipts can be emailed to customers to decrease paper waste. With a Kitchen Display System, orders are displayed on an iPad or TV screen, eliminating the need for printed kitchen tickets.
“Our tech-savvy customers expect us to have a leading edge POS solution that works well, and Lavu’s iPad-based solution not only meets the aesthetic demands of our award-winning retail stores, but also provides a responsive and intuitive platform that allows our baristas to focus on serving our coffee to our customers.” — Management at Intelligentsia Coffee, Chicago, Illinois

Food Truck

Mobile is our favorite word.
  • One hand in my pocket

    All you need to take orders is a tablet or phone. Save space and cut down on fuel costs with our lightweight equipment.
  • Easy street . . . payments

    Save money with our affordable pricing; process money with our easy-to-use payment system. Taxes and tips have never been easier to arrange. Our various payment options include EMV and NFC solutions.
  • On the road again

    Check sales reports and access records anywhere with an Internet connection. Log in from any point on your route to see how certain items sell. And see how items sell in various locations, to easily figure out where the best spot for your food truck is.
  • Happiness is a warm burrito

    With Lavu, you can take orders from customers while they wait in line, increasing sales and ensuring that they get their orders quickly. Offer further time-saving options such as email receipts and electronic signatures.
  • Bust through the line

    Quick-serve mode sends you immediately to the order screen as soon as an order is placed, to keep order-taking as quick as possible—and to keep customers moving to the front of the line.
  • Stay up in my cloud

    Lavu’s cloud-based system keeps your equipment needs low while moving orders along with lightning speed.


Offer customers hot food, cold beer, and an unbeatable experience with Lavu POS’s speedy, easy system.
  • Tabs

    Open and close as many tabs as the night demands. Use tab preauthorization to take payments at the start of the night, preventing forgotten payments and cards left at the bar.
  • Live Reports

    Because Lavu is cloud-based, all your sales and inventory reports are accessible online through a computer or mobile device. Check your reports at home, on vacation, or anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Happy Hours

    Bring in crowds with special offers, made easy with Lavu. Set discounts during certain time periods, or set multiple discount offers at once.
  • Quick Select Items

    Place the most popular items in quick-access spots on the Lavu app. Never worry about scrolling through menus to find items over and over.
  • Customer Database

    Sometimes you want to go where everyone knows your name. Lavu’s customer database helps you know names and contact information, so you can always offer your regulars exactly what they want.
  • Sehedule Shifts

    Keep track of all employees with Lavu’s intuitive scheduling features, including shifts and clock in and out. Never worry about being understaffed during rush times.
“Lavu's handheld ordering devices make the service in my bar top-notch, as employees can spend more time with their guests and less time at the computers ringing things in.” — Ryan Stroup, Owner, The Clubhouse Sports Grill and Bar, Columbus, Ohio