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Lavu Restaurant Schedule & Labor Cost Worksheet is designed to streamline the management of restaurant labor costs.

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Restaurant labor is one of the highest costs of running a restaurant business. Others like food costs and operating costs contribute to the total, but labor is a major part of restaurant prime cost. 

The amount of money a restaurant spends on labor has a great impact on total sales. In fact, total labor costs ordinarily equals about 15-17% of total sales. 

Several measures are necessary to keep your restaurant labor costs minimal. A POS system can help you in calculating labor in real-time. However, you will need a work schedule to gather information about your staff and hours worked. You can use an excel template to represent and analyze this data, but a restaurant schedule template is more effective. 

A restaurant schedule helps you create a staffing plan that keeps your restaurant staff happy while protecting your profits. You can use a weekly schedule to divide the labor and calculate the cost based on hourly wage. A restaurant schedule template helps you to:

  • Decide when the week’s schedule starts
  • Assign employees roles
  • Customize shift times
  • Calculate and analyze labor costs

Download Lavu’s Restaurant Schedule & Labor Cost Worksheet and start managing your labor costs better.

This exclusive Free Restaurant Schedule & Labor Cost Worksheet will help you:

  • Create your weekly schedules quickly
  • Budget your labor costs
  • Track overtime
  • Assign roles and shift times
  • Share weekly schedules with the team
  • Customize your restaurant labor plan

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