Classic food, modern systems.

Mexican Restaurant POS

Serve classic Mexican dishes using modern restaurant management systems. Get Lavu’s Mexican POS system.

Running Your Mexican Restaurant Has Never Been Easier

When Mexican food is your passion, you want to focus your energy on creating delicious dishes—not on running the small details of your business. With Lavu’s POS for Mexican restaurants, you can get back to focusing on the food while your point-of-sale system handles the rest.

Features of Lavu’s POS for Mexican Restaurants

Get all the tools you need to make it easier to run your Mexican restaurant.

iPad Touchscreen Technology

Take Orders on iPad Touchscreens

Quickly take orders at a counter or tableside with iPad touchscreens that are incredibly easy to learn and use.

Incorporate English & Spanish

Incorporate English & Spanish

Accommodate both English and Spanish speaking customers and staff by offering text in both languages.

Easy Online Orders for Pick-Up or Delivery

Offer Online Ordering for Pick-Up & Delivery

Support a lucrative pick-up and delivery business by offering easy online ordering that syncs with your kitchen systems.

Provide Flexible Ordering Options

Provide Flexible Ordering Options

Whether you want to offer tableside service, counter ordering, or self-service kiosks, get an ordering option that works best for you and your customers.

Beautiful Menu Design & Food Photos

Feature Food Photos
on Digital Menus

Help your team and customers visualize food items and dishes by adding photos on beautifully designed digital menus.

 Simple Set Up & 24/7 Support

 Get 24/7 Support & Service

Never worry about problems with your POS. Lauv’s 24/7 customer service will guide you through any process.

Use Your Mexican Restaurant POS
to Improve Operations

Lavu’s Mexican restaurant POS helps you create a better ordering experience, but it can do so much more than that.
Use your new system to run your entire restaurant more efficiently.

  • Monitor best and worst selling items
  • Manage employee clock in and out
  • Track and monitor food inventory
  • Make menu changes from anywhere
  • Send orders directly to the kitchen in English or Spanish
  • Offer a cash discount program to offset credit cards fees

Set Up Your Mexican Restaurant POS with
Zero Stress

You have a restaurant to run. You can’t afford to waste time or schedule down-time to get your Mexican POS system up and running. That’s why Lavu makes it simple to quickly set up your restaurant’s POS. 

– Work directly with our team to review your options and choose the features that will help you run your business. 
– Sit back while we set up your POS. Send us your menu, and we will configure your menu and customize your system features. 
– We’ll train you to get the most of your system and be on standby for customer service 24/7.

See How Lavu’s Mexican POS
Can Work for Your Restaurant

Your restaurant is unique and needs unique solutions. See how Lavu’s POS for Mexican restaurants can be customized to give you exactly what you need.

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