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Unlock your business potential with the power of data through an end-to-end customer engagement platform.


About Como Sense

With Como Sense™, Restaurants chains can gather data about customers and purchases and then deliver ever-more personalized experiences. Como Sense™ connects with POS and Online Ordering software to create a seamless solution with data-driven tools that work together: a wide choice of loyalty programs, actionable business insights, marketing automation, omnichannel communication and a branded and customized mobile app.


Pricing model: Subscription


GetApp – 4.25/5

  • Rewards are amazing integration is so easy. Account managers are very helpful

  • We don’t know what we like most about the software as it’s still not active. We haven’t seen any functionality in production with users and each week passes.

  • We are able to capture customer data to help us grow and compete with the online giants. Our company is expanding and the analytics help us determine where our customers are coming from and what they are buying.

  • -Real-time ability to make changes to functions and customer databases -Campaign creator assists in ensuring proper functionality is set -Great interaction with our Account Manger Colton and Yossi -Real time analytics and KPI’s

  • Sometimes buggy but support team and AM are always helpful

  • Using this software from the past 6 months I can’t tell yet what needs to be improved but I will let them know if will be anything.

  • Separating our locations for billing and access to the management console is an issue at this time. They are working with us to get a solution in place.

  • -Slow integration with Revel Customer Facing Display option. Not all on Como unfortunately. -Sometimes EU spam laws interfere with North American spam laws.

Lesli Tanski

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We really like being able to see how much more our members spend in our stores than non-members. This is a huge incentive to our sales team to push this product.

Jean Iennaco

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We are able to have a more personalized experience with our customers and gather data to help us expand our business.