A Robust, Scalable Enterprise Digital Ordering + Delivery + Loyalty Solution for all-sized hospitality organizations


EZ-Chow allows any sized restaurant to accept online orders integrated directly with their existing Point-of-Sale. Our enterprise-grade software helps you achieve higher profits with these advanced features:

Full Point-of-Sale Integration

Your POS system is expensive, why pay for additional hardware and/or training to get online ordering functionality? Wasting valuable time taking phone orders, placing customers on hold, or re-entering online orders into your point-of-sale is a thing of the past. With our service, online orders are injected directly into your existing Micros, Aloha, or Positouch POS. Orders will print and/or display on your current KDS or receipt printers. Existing reports will continue to work and will include online originated sales. Our solution makes your carryout/delivery operations much more efficient.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

They are your customers, you worked hard to earn their business. You shouldn’t have to share your data against competing restaurants. With our service, your restaurant data belongs 100% to your organization. Collect your customer’s email addresses, mailing addresses, mobile phone numbers, date of births, gender, etc, to build a deep and powerful database to increase marketing reach. Build loyalty programs to encourage more repeat sales. Utilize print marketing, email-based marketing, or even send SMS(text) promotions.

Customer Satisfaction

You can have the best food in the region, but if customers can’t find you quickly and conveniently on their schedule, they won’t patronize your restaurant. We eliminate the barrier by providing an easy and simple way for a customer to quickly order from your restaurant, whether they want to create an account, check out as guest, pay by cash, credit card, or gift card; our solution intends to make the customer satisfaction, priority #1. Customers can quickly and very simply re-order their favorites or plan-ahead order for the big game (looking at you Super Bowl). All of our sites are 100% mobile responsive, patrons can order from a laptop, tablet or mobile device and experience the same, easy process.

Deep Control

Our 100% secure administrative dashboard accessible from any internet enabled device allows selected personnel to know the current status of online ordering and current/historical information on sales. Exhausted the supply of wings and need to disable certain products? Getting slammed at a specific location, and want to modify the wait times or turn off online ordering for a temporary amount of time? Log in to the dashboard, using your account, and have complete control of the online ordering operations from anywhere. Know which menu items perform best, scuttle the ones that don’t. Know how to staff your restaurant, because you will be aware of which times are the busiest.

3rd Party Delivery Integration

Need to integrate with 3rd Party Delivery providers? How about loyalty and gift cards? We offer third party integrations, from Delivery Dispatch for restaurants with in-house delivery operations or 3rd party delivery companies such as Postmates, to loyalty program integration, gift card integration, and more. If you need an integration, we can most likely accommodate it. Just ask!