Lavu Accounting

Lavu Accounting

About Lavu Accounting

Balancing your books is crucial to business success. But you probably didn’t get into the food & drink industry to become an accountant. Skip the spreadsheet formulas with

Lavu’s accounting integrations, which simplify the business of running a business. Lavu integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks and Xero, providing simplified,

easy accounting tools. Please note, you may also need Shogo to integrate your accounting software, call us if you’re not sure.





  • Easy to use and understand
  • Clear Imaging. It is very clear images, very easy to use, fast.
  • Email notifications on the spot – Great customer service
  • Easy to use, sends updates on new things. Once I had a question got answers right away Someone responds efficiently


  • Too many Buttons and Links on the Home page.
  • The system only retains 7 days of HD video before overwriting the data.

Love this System so much have migrated to use Solink at all of our locations.

Judy Stamm

This is Revolutionary. This saves $1000 from theft.

Akshay Poojary

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