Send Money, Pay Online or Set Up a Merchant Account – PayPal

About Paypal

Let Lavu & PayPal save you money on transaction fees.

Lavu & Paypal give you an industry-leading and transparent processing rate. Every transaction will be EMV compliant.

Accept all payment options such as chip cards, swipe cards, credit, debit and contactless payments.




Paypal pros

  • Sending money is easier, cheaper, and faster.
  • The pros are I can send money easily for a low price
  • 99% of the time, PalPal is a simple and cheap payment solution that just works!
  • Easy to use. credit card or debit card can be added. Money transfer between families and friends is low.

Paypal CONS

  • Maybe one step too many when initially setting up an account.
  • high transfer money. previously the transfer price was not so high.
  • The fees are really high. As a freelancer there are other, cheaper alternatives to receive money.
  • I hate having to sign in with my username and password everytime. They should add a code to enter.

I am very happy with paypal overall, I would like to keep using paypal for all online transactions and transfers. Banks are slow and paypal is convenient

Kevin Wang

Great so far. I don’t see us switching to any other invoicing platform anytime soon.

Jake Hundley

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