Keep people engaged with your brand through our integrated member/loyalty platform.

About PeopleVine

Go beyond transactions and create experiences. Track key customer engagement across POS, events, social, newsletters, reservations and more. Setup digital membership cards (or phone number) to track purchases and brand engagement into a single CRM profile.

Have multiple locations? PeopleVine creates a seamless experience no matter where they dine while encouraging them to dine at all locations with multi-step rewarding activities. Truly a single platform for loyalty,

memberships, offers, gift cards, ecommerce, recurring billing and more! Features include: track purchases, reward points, pay with points, pay with card-on-file, pay with house account, pay with house credits and more.




PeopleVine pros

  • User interface Ease of tools Uploading CSV excel files
  • The campaigns and notifications, making it easier to send information to students.
  • That someone did most of the technical work so I could focus on the strategy piece.
  • I love the power of People Vine, the many tools in one place, and the customizability.

PeopleVine CONS

  • Learning curve, some bugs from time to time.
  • Notifications/Reminders for follow-ups, etc are thrown into the junk inbox.
  • Many things are not intuitive or have glitches, so it is taking longer to complete tasks than expected.

Overall experience has been good. I appreciate the personal contact with our reps, the webinars for questions, and the powerful tools that allow our organization to achieve many things

Nate Tubbs

We’ve been working with PeopleVine now for four months and have had overall great experiences! It has really helped to streamline our communication with students (customers), and take some of the manual work out of our day to day tasks. We are continuing to learn about new features, and look forward to using it more in the coming months!

Rebecca Kahn-Witman

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