Pizza Creator

Lavu Pizza Creator

About Pizza Creator

Create custom pizzas using our pizza creator, which lets you build virtual pizzas on your Lavu POS device for easy cooking,

pricing, and delivery. Half ingredients or extra ingredients are simply placed on the virtual pizza and the Lavu POS

automatically changes the price while the kitchen gets a clear picture and human errors are reduced.





  • Easy to use and understand
  • Clear Imaging. It is very clear images, very easy to use, fast.
  • Email notifications on the spot – Great customer service
  • Easy to use, sends updates on new things. Once I had a question got answers right away Someone responds efficiently


  • Too many Buttons and Links on the Home page.
  • The system only retains 7 days of HD video before overwriting the data.

Love this System so much have migrated to use Solink at all of our locations.

Judy Stamm

This is Revolutionary. This saves $1000 from theft.

Akshay Poojary

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