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About Tanda

Tanda is an online workforce success platform that helps businesses manage scheduling, timesheets, payroll, and employee onboarding.

We service businesses both big and small, whether your staff has 10 people or 30,000 plus. Our clients are mostly one or multi-store establishments, companies in the frontline, and shift work industries.

We’ve been significantly cutting hours in tracking schedules, allowing for smooth and accurate pays for every employee, every time.




Tanda pros

  • The fact that it was online. Well priced. Flexibility to add awards.
  • Picture integration, employee access to request days off. Can’t beat the price.
  • Customer Service and ease of use, was easy to get set up and at a very affordable price.
  • Very user-friendly. Very easy to set up. Various reports available. Very accurate and up to date with latest Awards.

Tanda CONS

  • A few aspects it doesn’t handle well
  • Limitations within the standard reporting in Tanda.
  • Additional reports would ad value, for example, leave summary reports.
  • Leave approvals are open-ended, managers and supervisors can approve any amount of leave, regardless of staff entitlements.

For what we use it for its great. There are a few quirks where staff say they signed in but its not registered so I monitor it daily.

Tanya Carlson

Tanda has been a vast improvement for our business and has sped up our payroll processes, created better accountability and viasability. I am excited to see the platform improve.

Kassy Taylor

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