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About TapHunter

Copy items from the TapHunter dashboard into your Lavu POS in order to save time and ensure

the items are accurately configured in the POS for optimal reporting and workflow with less work

for the end user. Pricing and pour sizes copy to the POS directly from TapHunter.




TapHunter pros

  • Everything
  • Easy to Use. Compatible with all operations at our establishment
  • We can display everything for our Bar & Display Ads & upcoming Events.
  • It’s very easy to use, and it’s pretty intuitive. I love the digital menu.

TapHunter CONS

  • Nothing
  • The Price is a little bit high for the software.
  • Multiple pages on the digital side are not user friendly
  • Honestly, I can not think of anything I do not like about the software.

I really do enjoy Evergreen and I would get the program again, I feel like when it was being sold to us they could have been a little more up front about our menu needs. After all, we are a Bar and Grill not just a bar.

Jason Harper

The digital menu boards have made life easier for our staff. They no longer have to climb ladders to update our menu boards. The cleaner presentation has made life easier on our customers!

Julie Miramontes Crider

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