Lavu’s Restaurant Inventory System

Streamlines your ordering and tracking, so you never have to
worry about what’s in stock. When you are in control of your restaurant inventory, you are in control
of your business.
A robust restaurant inventory management system allows you to keep precise stock records,
manage the flow of goods, and keep track of your costs—all in one place.

If You Run a Restaurant, Inventory Management Can Be Make or Break

Restaurant inventory management is critical to business success. Without it, you risk not having control over stock levels. You may end up wasting food or running out of a popular item at the worst possible moment. Worst of all, you may end up with much higher food costs than you otherwise would.

Avoid unnecessary loss, waste, and cost by using a restaurant management system that simplifies and saves.

Lavu’s Restaurant Inventory Management System Is an All-in-One Solution

Lavu’s restaurant inventory management system is designed for all establishment types. Control all
aspects of your inventory with the touch of a screen.

  • Manage all vendor relationships in one place.
  • Get real-time inventory updates.
  • Create purchase orders for vendors.
  • Receive inventory manually or automatically via purchase orders.
  • Generate accurate, immediate financial reporting.
  • Select from warehouse and commissary options.

Lavu Inventory is completely integrated with Lavu POS—just log in to the Lavu Control Panel to access all inventory data.

Improve Profit Margins with
Simple Inventory Management

Poor restaurant inventory management translates into lower
profits. The key to a successful restaurant or bar is to have
exactly what’s needed—no more and no less. Cut back on
wasteful spending, and identify where you can make more
money instead.

Take Control of Your Restaurant Inventory

Simplify Vendor Relations and PO Processing
See all suppliers you buy inventory items from. Easily manage your vendor relations by listing relationship details such as items typically ordered. Add new vendors, and reorder from past orders. Generate purchase orders for suppliers, and make price adjustments. Choose to use POs to automatically update inventory levels, or update manually.

Connect Your Menu and Inventory
Keep track of what you have in stock by linking your inventory items with your menu items—including modifiers. See exactly which menu items use a certain ingredient. Lavu’s restaurant inventory management system keeps tally in real time and even notifies servers when an item is about to be 86ed.

Track Restaurant Inventory with Thorough Reporting
Get immediate reports on inventory usage, including quantity used and cost. Lavu’s restaurant inventory reports are part of a comprehensive reporting suite for all business needs. Check everything from hourly sales to time card reporting—all in one location, the Lavu Control Panel.

Use Warehouse and Commissary Options
If your establishment has a warehouse or ordering hub, Lavu’s inventory system will integrate with it seamlessly. Order items to be delivered to the warehouse and then distributed to locations. Or use Lavu with your commissary, where ingredients are distributed and then made into menu items.

Quickly Check Important Inventory Data
The Lavu Inventory dashboard provides fast access to important restaurant inventory information.
See the following right away:

  • Low stock levels
  • Inventory Value
  • Pending transfers between locations
  • Waste from the prior and current day
  • Expected receivables
  • Total cost of expected receivables

Customize Lavu Inventory for YOU
Lavu Inventory is a flexible system designed to work for all food and drink establishments. Its customizable features include options to choose the following: Measurement units, Costing methods (for instance, first in, first out, or periodic average costing), Storage locations (for instance, line shelf or dry storage). On specific items, you can add spoilage or expiration dates, to prevent unnecessary waste.

Transfer Items to Meet Location Needs
If your establishment has multiple locations, you can transfer goods from one location to another via the Lavu Inventory system. Never run low on menu items, no matter how much is going on.

Know What Your Guests Like
Inventory control helps you to understand what’s selling (and what’s not). And understanding what your customers like leads to greater efficiency, less waste—and greater profit margins.

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