Restaurant Types

Lavu provides custom solutions for all types of unique food and drink businesses.

Get Exactly What Your Restaurant Needs

No restaurant is the same. From a quick-service coffee shop to a fine dining restaurant, every business has unique customers, operations, and needs. Lavu is designed to fit exactly what your business needs. Our flexible tools can be customized to work for all types of restaurants. See how we can work for:

  • Quick Service
  • Fast Casual 
  • Full Service 
  • Food Trucks 
  • Specialty Restaurants 

Explore Lavu Solutions By Category

Check sales reports and access records from anywhere with an Internet connection. Log in from any point on your route to see how every item is selling. See how items sell in various locations, to easily figure out the best spot for your food truck.

Run Your Restaurant with Only The Tools You Need

Unique restaurants need custom solutions. With Lavu, you can build your perfect suite of tools. From a POS system that centralizes your ordering and operations to self-serve kiosks and online ordering, Lavu can create the perfect suite of solutions to make running your restaurant easier.

Get the Perfect Mix of Restaurant Solutions

See how Lavu can build a custom solution for your unique restaurant. Schedule your free demo to see how our tools can work exactly how you need them to. 

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