Restaurant New Manager/Owner Checklist

New Restaurant Manager Checklist for a Smooth Leadership Transition

The new restaurant manager checklist will guide you through a change in ownership or management of your restaurant.

Importance of the New Restaurant Manager Checklist

Managing a restaurant business is not an easy task. At times, a change in ownership or management becomes necessary. Whatever the reason, having a restaurant checklist to follow through will ensure a successful transition to new leadership. It allows you to consider your restaurant business plan, licenses and permits, menu items, customer service, and more.

The checklist provides: 

  • Important guidelines on running a restaurant
  • Restaurant management tips
  • Small business management tips

Download the New Restaurant Manager Checklist to ensure you are handling the process in the right way.

The New Restaurant Manager Checklist will guide you in:

  • Overcoming resistance to change
  • Delegating tasks effectively
  • Following through on changes
  • Addressing employee emotions
  • Involving everyone affected
  • Sustaining dialogues

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