About Lavu

Improve satisfaction. Focus on what matters. Grow.

Our mission is to empower restaurants to do more of what they love with solutions that work.

How it Started

The Lavu Story

Lavu’s restaurant Point of Sale began with a meal and a mission! While dining out one night, our founders noticed how stressed out their servers were, and how concerned the restaurant management seemed about their business.

Right then and there, they made a decision to help – not just that restaurant, but every restaurant that has ever wanted to save time, money, and see profits grow. Lavu was created with the restaurant owner in mind every step of the way. Our mission is simple: we empower restaurateurs to do more of what they love, with solutions that really work.

You bring the passion and the vision. We bring the best-in-class technology and all the management tools you need. (And rest assured, we bring our share of passion and vision too!)

That very first meal was in 2010. We started with a simple iOS app, but like the restaurants we support, we’ve grown. Today, Lavu powers restaurants all around the globe, offering a comprehensive suite of tools including front of house, back of house, inventory, labor, and so much more.

Our Beliefs

Lavu is committed to understanding the needs of its customers and employees. We are willing to listen to feedback and suggestions, and to use that information to improve products, services, and workplace culture.

Lavu is committed to overcoming challenges and setbacks. We are not afraid of hard work, and we are willing to put in the extra effort to achieve our goals.

Lavu is committed to seeing our goals through to the end. We are not easily discouraged, and we are always looking for ways to improve.

Lavu believes that our team and customers are capable of making good decisions, and we are not afraid to give them the freedom to do so.

Lavu treats everyone with dignity and respect. Lavu values contributions and creates a workplace where everyone feels valued and respected.

Lavu provides the tools and resources needed to succeed. We provide training and development opportunities, and encourage growth and development.

Lavu is constantly looking for new and better ways to do things. We are not afraid to challenge the status quo and to take risks.

Lavu is committed to turning its ideas into reality. We have the skills and resources to execute on plans and to bring new products and services to market.

Lavu is focused on achieving its goals. We have a strong track record of success, and we are always looking for ways to improve.

Our Mission

At Lavu, we’re all about helping local restaurants thrive! We’re not your typical POS provider; we’re a team of foodies, hospitality enthusiasts, and business experts who truly get what it’s like to run a restaurant.

Our mission is simple: We’re here to be your growth partners, supporting you through the ups and downs of the food industry. We know how tough running restaurant can be and understand that profitability is always top of mind. That’s where we step in!

With Lavu, driving profitable orders is a breeze, thanks to our dual pricing and cash back features. You’ll love the boost in guest and team satisfaction with more payment options and shorter guest wait times.

As your friendly restaurant growth experts, we’re dedicated to your success. We thrive on innovation, but we also value that personal touch. You can count on us to be here for you, ready to lend a helping hand and make your restaurant journey smoother.

You’re not just getting a POS system; you’re getting a team that speaks your language and shares your passion for great food and happy customers. Together, we’ll cook up success, one delicious order at a time! Let’s get cooking! 

#1 POS for Restaurants

Sarah Billenstein

Picnic's Pizza & Grille

"Lavu is a robust POS software that keeps me informed about my business performance. Lavu allows me to manage remotely. I can check my business performance from my mobile device. I love this feature. The reporting is great, we track employee time, and the menu module is simple enough that I can manage my own menu. This helps with quick changes."

Candace Kalb

Kalby's Koffee and Hot Doggery

"The integration from our old POS was simple. Being able to add pictures of products or change colors of boxes to help locate the items faster is great. We love the ability to change prices, product names, and add new products with ease. Overall, Lavu is great. The staff is always looking for ways to improve the system."

Gladys McKinney

Willow Creek Winery

"The best part of Lavu is that it is handling the growth of our winery. The reports are awesome! Not only is it handling the growth but it is also implementing new technology so that we can remain flexible in our customer payment options."

Brian Kim

Keo Ku

"Excellent POS. Very powerful and helpful for any restaurant."

General Manager

Village Cafe

"Thinking about going back to a life without Lavu seems chaotic and barbarian. You guys have simplified our life at Village Cafe. Our cooks are able to deliver correct items in record time. We have also seen revenue increase from nothing more than being able to charge for add ons (modifiers). Thank you to the Lavu support team for walking me through program modifications. I can easily navigate through our admin site to change our menu and prices on the fly or set up new users when hiring."

Runem Lozano

Tierra Libre

"The UX is simple and easy to teach and understand. The ability to go into the backend to add or edit food items and immediately see the changes on the app is wonderful. It is a great POS for any small/medium restaurant, pair with the kitchen display system, and your service runs smoothly. The ability to take an order on the table and send it directly to the kitchen on the same spot saves time and makes the service run smoothly. It allows us to see how the products behave on the front end with complete reports."

Philip Vurchio

Strada Grill

"Lavu is a great, user-friendly system that allows ease of use for both frond and back-end users. Easy to set up, reps and customer service are always responsive. Great! Easy to train new employees and staff. Easy to get my second and third locations set up without a long onboarding process. Flexible back-end setup to do what is needed to get the job done."

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