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Lavu customers now have access to even more restaurant technology via a recently announced partnership with Omnivore. Omnivore connects to more than 200 applications to enable restaurant operators in third-party delivery, analytics, digital menus, guest engagement, online ordering, and more. Key apps include OpenTable, MarketMan, Yumpingo, Thanx and Harri. We’re working on a comprehensive list of the available apps and adding to it daily. 

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Balancing your books is crucial to business success. But you probably didn’t get into the food & drink industry to become an accountant. Skip the spreadsheet formulas with Lavu’s accounting integrations, which simplify the business of running a business. Lavu integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks and Xero, providing simplified, easy accounting tools. Please note, you may also need Shogo to integrate your accounting software, call us if you’re not sure.


Avero software has powerful restaurant solutions that improve profitability and the guest experience. Industry-leading restaurant analytics software provides you valuable insights so you can make better decisions for your restaurant or enterprise. Avero analyzes the data your Lavu POS collects and helps you make decisions based on the data.

Bar Vision

BarVision spouts provide you with the industry’s most powerful insights to help you grow your bar. Reports let you easily track and analyze your product sales, see the true pour cost & understand where the real problems are.

Bar-i Liquid Accounting

Third party management of your bar inventory. Bar-i can help calculate liquor costs, place orders, reconcile invoices, manage drink recipes, and more. Take advantage of training, support, and coaching from the Bar-i team.

Beer Saver

The #1 draft beer monitoring system in hospitality. Track every ounce of draft beer and wine poured on every tap, reducing the average loss of 23% down to 3%. Reduce slippage and increase profits. Track time stamped pours and sales, temperatures and inventory levels from your mobile device or computer in real time.


BridgePay Network Solutions, LLC is a transaction gateway that uses industry-leading data security technology and premium web-based solutions. BridgePay offers a comprehensive suite of payment products to easily reduce the scope of PCI. BridgePay’s broad scope of products offers solutions for card present, mobile commerce, and ecommerce environments.


Checkmate integrates various online ordering platforms such as GrubHub, Seamless, UberEats, DoorDash, Caviar and many others directly to your Lavu POS. Checkmate automatically accepts the orders, sends them to Lavu, and prints tickets directly in the kitchen printer with no manual involvement. We guarantee perfect reconciliation in accounting between your 3rd party services and Lavu reporting.


Chowly integrates your third- party online ordering platforms (TOOS), such as Grubhub,, UberEATS, and Chownow with your restaurant POS, bringing the virtual ordering experience full circle. Stop wasting time inputting orders by hand, let Chowly send the order directly to the kitchen via your Lavu POS.


Coming Soon: A restaurant management software that provides a full end to end solution. From back office and accounting to workforce management and payroll, we make it simple and we integrate it all.

Customer Facing Display

Let your customers take control with Lavu’s customer-facing display. Customers can view order details in real time as they are placed. Take digital signatures and tips for credit card transactions without having to flip the Lavu POS terminal to face the customer.

Customer Management

Build a database by inputting customer email addresses and phone numbers for future target marketing. Follow customer ordering history to get to know your customer base. Print customer info on to-go receipts for tracking.

Delivery and Routing

Lavu Delivery and Routing creates routes for delivery drivers based on time and location. Our delivery system uses GPS to find the best routes available for organized and efficient deliveries. Your customers can expect piping hot meals without having to leave the house.

Digital Pour

Draft Inventory Management & Digital Menu. Helping restaurants, breweries, tap houses & growler stations maximize draft sales and profitability with a robust customer-facing Digital Menu driven by a powerful back-end system that integrates with Point of Sale, website, mobile apps and social media.


Dolce streamlines labor management and moves points in your business with the revolutionary integration of labor, and real-time sales from your POS. Dolce makes it simple, by integrating scheduling, timekeeping, and real-time sales, in one place.

Epson KDS

Epson’s KDS provides Lavu customers with the ability to manage kitchen tickets, which are displayed on the KDS for easy visibility and management. The integration delivers a feature-rich hardware and software solution, enabling streamlined back-of-house management and improved front- and back-of-house communications. Perfect for bars and full-service restaurants looking to increase order speed and accuracy, and ultimately, efficiency.


ERS can integrate with your website to help you manage rentals for events and parties while also integrating with your Lavu POS.

Evo Snap

Easily add Secure EMV global transaction processing to your Lavu point-of-sale (POS) system. Like a printer driver, the pre-certified Commerce Driver SDK installs alongside your software application. Once implemented, you’ll meet all EMV Level 3 compliance requirements and instantly enable PCI-compliant transactions with point-to-point encryption.


FoodBAM has been creating the path toward a 5-star journey for chefs and foodservice operators. Through its proprietary inventory, ordering and management solution, FoodBAM is bringing connectivity and intelligence to the restaurant space. With access to over 18,000+ restaurants, every few minutes FoodBAM is processing an order for a restaurant in the United States. Getting everything into ONE place for a chef guides the restaurant and its employees into more efficiency and productivity.


Heartland keeps your customers’ credit card data beyond the reach of hackers with end-to-end encryption and tokenization. Heartland Secure is the most secure processing solution in the industry, and it is backed up by the industry’s only comprehensive breach warranty. Heartland’s payment processing solutions are designed to help businesses succeed by reducing costs at the front end and eliminating unexpected costs going forward.

Hold and Fire

Servers may now set unique hold times on an item-by-item basis from the Order Screen, or flag items for immediate firing to the kitchen. After an item’s hold time has elapsed, the POS will automatically send it to the kitchen without any further action required on the part of the user. Hold times can also be revised after they are set, should the order contents or circumstances of a customer’s dining experience change.

Inventory 2.0

Manage vendor relations, get alerts for low stock levels, generate purchase orders, make price adjustments, mass import inventory items, and so much more. Keep track of what you have in stock by linking your inventory items with your menu items—including modifiers. Lavu’s inventory management system keeps a tally in real-time and even notifies servers when an item is low. Inventory control helps you to understand what’s selling (and what’s not) leading to greater efficiency, less waste, and greater profit margins.

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Lavu Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards allow you to eliminate many food service headaches in one fell swoop with a central, web-based management system. Do you have a new food item you want to promote or a new special you’re trying to get the word out about? You can do all this and more in seconds. Our digital menu boards easily integrate with your point of sale system. Do away with the hard costs of menu replacement, add nutritional information, visually engage your customers, easily 86 or change menu items, and more.

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Lavu Gift

Offer custom-branded Gift Cards to your customers. A great way to grow your customer base and increase transaction spend. Gift cards encourage new customers to try your restaurant and generate priceless word-of-mouth publicity.

Lavu Integrated Payments

Lavu Integrated Payments provides an easy, intuitive payment solution for all restaurant and bar establishment types. Flexible payment options from credit cards, to debit cards, to contactless payment for all your payment processing needs.

Lavu KDS

Lavu Kitchen Display Systems are the key to strong communication and order accuracy at your restaurant or bar. Use Lavu Kitchen Display Systems to easily track orders and ensure customers get their meals quickly and correctly. Lavu KDS uses an iPad to cleanly display orders sent to the kitchen. This Add-On requires a Lavu Local Server (LLS).

Lavu Loyalty App

Lavu Loyalty provides an elegant, full-featured, restaurant-branded mobile app that delights customers, drives revenue growth and delivers strong ROI. Foster & reward brand loyalty, grow customer transaction spend, increase speed of service, and enhance the customer experience.

Lavu Pilot

A stand-alone app built to allow business owners to quickly see some of their most important data from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection to run reports on sales, labor, inventory levels, and more from wherever you are.

Lavu ToGo

Lavu ToGo is an online ordering service for your customers. Lavu ToGo lets your customers order anything from your establishment’s website. With the press of a button, they can look forward to enjoying their menu favorites. Once a customer places an order, it can be printed in your establishment’s kitchen.


MarketMan is a cloud-based inventory management and purchasing solution focused on streamlining procurement, delivery, accounting, and profitability for establishments of all kinds. MarketMan provides advanced inventory and order management features that track the cost of goods sold, examine your entire purchasing history and stay on top of inventory.


Mobi2Go integrates directly to your Lavu Point-of-Sale system. Orders made via your storefront, mobile app, or facebook page will be automatically sent to your POS, registered for reporting purposes and automatically print using your existing POS printer.


Canada’s leading processor of debit and credit card payments. Offering credit, debit, mobile, and online payment processing services.

Open Dining

Open Dining makes sure that when customers look for your restaurant, they can find it and order from you without hassle. Open Dining also keeps track of customer information for remarketing purposes. They can add ordering right to your website or accept it from your Facebook account.


Let Lavu & PayPal save you money on transaction fees. Lavu & Paypal give you an industry-leading and transparent processing rate. Every transaction will be EMV compliant. Accept all payment options such as chip cards, swipe cards, credit, debit and contactless payments.

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Pizza Creator

Create custom pizzas using our pizza creator, which lets you build virtual pizzas on your Lavu POS device for easy cooking, pricing, and delivery. Half ingredients or extra ingredients are simply placed on the virtual pizza and the Lavu POS automatically changes the price while the kitchen gets a clear picture and human errors are reduced.

Restaurant 365

Cloud-based Restaurant Accounting, Operations and Reporting platform, fully interconnected that runs in a browser. Built with connectors, import functions, and a set of Open APIs to truly enable systems to talk. Real integration of transactional and detailed information.

Sacoa Debit Card System

Sacoa is a worldwide supplier of revenue management systems for the amusement, entertainment, and leisure industries. With Sacoa and Lavu, you can better manage all revenue streams in your business, accept Sacoa as a method of payment in Lavu, and use the Playcards as a debit card through out your location. This even includes earning points at various games or attractions to redeem for prizes.


Offer flexible payment options while staying PCI compliant with Square. Accept credit or debit card payments and contactless payments such as Apple Pay. Fully integrated with your Lavu POS and easy to use right on your iPhone or iPad.

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Copy items from the TapHunter dashboard into your Lavu POS in order to save time and ensure the items are accurately configured in the POS for optimal reporting and workflow with less work for the end user. Pricing and pour sizes copy to the POS directly from TapHunter.

Vantiv Integrated Payments

Vantiv’s PCI-compliant Express Payment Processing gives you the most secure, simple, and cost-effective integrated payment processing solutions available for whatever payment comes your way. Vantiv offers advanced point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and payment tokenization.


With Weissbeerger, Breweries can now control dynamic promotions, actively manage inventory, and understand market dynamics. Best of all, this information is made available to breweries through an intuitive dashboard that allows suppliers to make real-time, data driven decisions.

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