Lavu Kitchen Display (KDS) System

Lavu offers KDS Systems – an amazing tool for restaurants that makes the order-taking process so much easier. Lavu offers an iPad KDS and a large display Epson KDS. With just a touch, you can send any order from any device to the kitchen – no more handwritten tickets or verbal communication needed!

And the best part? You’ll instantly receive the orders on a spacious screen, which minimizes human errors and ensures that everything runs smoothly. And if there are any mistakes made, our POS system makes it easy to quickly rectify them, seamlessly updating the kitchen screen.

Let Lavu’s KDS system streamline your restaurant operations and make your life easier!

What is a Kitchen Display System and How Does KDS Software Work?

The Lavu Kitchen Display System (KDS) works all of the time - effortlessly linking your front of house and kitchen team, empowering them to create remarkable dining experiences. 

Eliminates Paper Tickets in Your Kitchen

By eliminating paper ticket usage, your chefs can focus on producing amazing dishes that wow your guests guests.

Integrates With Your Lavu POS

Lavu's KDS screen integrates with your point of sale and seamlessly shows the pending orders that are being prepared and streamlines communication between your front of house and busy kitchen team.

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The Benefits of Using the Best KDS System to Streamline Kitchen Workflows

The benefits of using a KDS is simple. Kitchen display system software can help streamline your restaurant’s day-to-day operations in more ways than one. From guaranteeing more accurate tickets to minimizing paper waste, your restaurant’s order-taking and preparation processes will become smoother and lead to more satisfied customers. Combined with the best POS system, your entire team benefits from a KDS with Lavu.

Lavu Provides the Top KDS Solutions and Offers:

Increased Order Accuracy

Whether working with online orders or in-house orders, you can send any order from any front of house device or POS hardware to the kitchen with the press of a button. Tickets will then appear in the kitchen on a large monitor for kitchen communication. The order display helps reduce human error. Even more, any mistakes that are made while taking orders can easily be corrected in the POS system and will automatically update on the kitchen screen.

Increased Efficiency

Your servers won’t have to spend time giving copies of the order tickets to each area of the restaurant (kitchen staff, cashier, etc.) because the order will be immediately delivered to the appropriate staff. You can even set up kitchen display screens at each individual station. Even more, when orders are finished in the kitchen, servers can be notified to come pick up the orders and deliver them to the table. Your staff will definitely appreciate the system’s ease of use.

Environmentally Friendly

Because you’ve upgraded to a display screen, there will be less paper and printing in your restaurant, which will lead to less waste! Lavu KDS has many benefits. Above all else, you want your customers to be happy and to receive the correct order in a timely manner. Because their orders will be sent directly to the kitchen staff, your efficiency will increase and fewer errors will occur. This will be beneficial to both your customers and your staff.

Benefits of a KDS with Lavu

When shopping around for a KDS, be on the lookout for certain features that can benefit your restaurant if they’re part of the package. Hardware and software are both important to note when you implement the system in your restaurant.

Let’s take a look at the hardware and software that come with a KDS.


The hardware components of a Kitchen Display System typically include your tablet, a printer (at times), BOH screens, and a bump bar.


This is the touchscreen display you’ll use to send orders to the kitchen. It will typically be associated with your


Even with processes being automated, kitchen printer systems are still popular in the restaurant industry. Depending on the system you use, you’ll be able to connect a printer to your KDS for easy printing when needed. (For example, Lavu’s POS system integrates with Epson’s KDS. Lavu customers can use it to easily manage kitchen tickets.)

Back-of-House Screens

A large monitor will clearly display orders for BOH staff. These screens will make it easier for your staff to view open tickets.

Bump bar

A kitchen bump bar is a compact and sturdy keyboard that allows your staff to quickly navigate through open tickets, bump items, and bump tickets or manage the customizable layouts. Kitchen staff can “bump” orders to specific server queues, and food runners can clear orders as they’re served. This leads to improved order management in a fast-paced environment.


Your software should include a variety of features that allow you to easily track order preparation time, customize your display, communicate with other staff members, and more. Look for the following features when choosing your system:

  • Real-time ordering and communications
  • Customizable display options and interface
  • Paid and unpaid identifiers
  • Visual indicators for updated or deleted items
  • Order timer
  • Reporting on order and item times

Both the hardware and the software you use in your restaurant should serve two purposes: to make everyday tasks easier on your staff and to give your customers a fantastic dining experience. For instance, timing orders means ensuring food is prepared at the correct times so that the dishes will be delivered to the table at the same time. This feature can also be used to track the efficiency of shifts and staff.

Lave KDS helps ensure your customers’ experience is consistent and efficient by making your food ordering and preparation processes as trackable and easy as possible.

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What is the best KDS system?

Whether you’re a full-service restaurant, quick-service chain, or any other food and beverage establishment, Lavu offers the best KDS systems to help you operate efficiently. Even more, an amazing KDS is just one of many features the POS system offers. 

KDS has many benefits. Above all else, you want your customers to be happy and to receive the correct order in a timely manner. Because their orders will be sent directly to the kitchen staff, your efficiency will increase and fewer errors will occur. This will be beneficial to both your customers and your staff.

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