Restaurant Start-Up Costs Worksheet

What’s Inside the Restaurant Start-Up Costs Worksheet

Opening a restaurant is an ambitious undertaking. Taking your business from a sketch on the back of a pub napkin to a profitable success comes with proper preparation. Many restaurants fail within a few years of opening because of poor planning. Having a clear picture of start-up costs can help create a blueprint for your business plan.

Your restaurant’s financial forecast may be the meat of your plan. A business plan is all conceptual until you start filling in the numbers and terms. A detailed look at profit and loss forecasts should examine assets, liabilities, and total net worth not only week to week, but month to month for up to five years. The more extensive the forecast, the more financial success may be benchmarked. Even if you don’t need financing, you should compile a financial forecast in order steer your business.

This probably all sounds overwhelming. That’s why we created the Restaurant Start-Up Costs Worksheet to help get your started. The worksheet outlines one-time start-up costs and typical recurring start-up costs. Odds are that surprises will pop up along your restaurant start-up journey, but at least you’ll have done the planning and preparation to anticipate the most common situations.

The Restaurant Start-Up Costs Worksheet will help you:

  • Organize furniture and fixture costs
  • Determine opening advertising budget
  • List out license and permit fees
  • Estimate payroll costs

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