Restaurant Success Tips

Does Your Restaurant Need a Boost? 5 Ways the Right POS System Can Earn You Money – and Customers.

New restaurants have some of the highest business failure rates in the US economy. If smaller, newer eateries are going to compete with larger, more established restaurant chains, they need to enhance their competitive edge and boost their operating performance.

Mobile technology within the hospitality industry has done wonders to increase customer satisfaction and generate sales. Furthermore, cost-efficient mobile POS systems can significantly reduce startup costs, since owners aren’t obligated to purchase specialty computer workstations and other pricey supplementary devices. However, there are other significant benefits to employing mobile POS systems. Here are five of the most intriguing.

1. Enhance order speed, efficiency, and accuracy. With cloud-based POS systems, you can deliver targeted orders to any station in the kitchen – that means that strategically placed printers or displays placed in the back of the house can deliver orders directly to the most appropriate hands.

2. Consistently update menus. Management can update their menus at any time with a cloud-based mobile POS system. All that is needed is an Internet connection and the appropriate login credentials, and owners can create or modify their menus quickly and easily.

3. Enhance customer care. With tablet and iPad POS technology, you empower your team with the necessary tools to maintain the highest level of customer service. Fast and accurate order transfers ensure fast and accurate order delivery, keeping wait times short and customers happy. Moreover, having a POS system that offers comprehensive data access can help your front-of-house staff provide critical information to customers about how food is prepared, as well as potential allergens, quickly and accurately.

4. Increase sales. Not only does having constantly updated, accurate information at your servers’ fingertips assure an optimal customer experience, it allows servers to facilitate sales by notifying customers of daily specials and premium ingredients. Moreover, increased efficiency enhances order turnaround speed, which in turn helps keep customer flow organized; the more tables you can turn over, the more you can sell.

5. Manage your layout. If you suddenly have a party of 10, with advanced POS software, your existing floor plan can accommodate new diners without disturbing patrons, maintaining the flow of your restaurant and the comfort of your customers.

With restaurants quickly moving away from legacy POS systems and toward more streamlined technology, it is important that you maintain the service and operational standards your customers have come to expect. Lavu Point of Sale has pioneered iPad point of sale systems, giving restaurants and bars a unique and modern functional advantage. For more information about Lavu’s iPad POS system, please visit our How Lavu Works page to learn how our system can help improve your business.