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Speedy service. Great nights. Keep customers happy and the drinks flowing with Lavu’s bar POS system.

Fast & Easy

Serve up a great night with Lavu for bars and nightclubs.

Customers in a bar want a fun night out. They don’t want to wait in line for drinks or sit in front of empty glasses. They want speedy service in a relaxed and fun environment — which is what you can offer using Lavu’s bar POS system.

Use Lavu’s iPad bar point-of-sale system to give customers a great night out.

Bar POS System Features

Touchscreen iPad POS

Offer speedy service using an iPad touchscreen that allows your team to quickly place orders and process payments.

Preauthorized Tabs

Avoid unpaid tabs and make it easy for customers to cash out by collecting payment info at the start of the night.

Inventory Management

Always have what customers crave using an inventory management system that monitors stock with every pour.

Timed Menu Changes

Program multiple menus and automatically switch happy hour deals and scheduled promotional pricing for food and drinks.

Mobile Tabs on the Go

Give customers the ability to order and pay at multiple bars. Create tabs that follow customers from bar to bar, and arm servers with mobile POS tablets.

Secure, Quick Payment Processing

Run payments even if the internet goes out with PCI-compliant, secure payment processing and tap-to-pay digital payment options.

Demo Contactless iPad POS Order and Payment Solutions

Restly Shape

Faster Pours. Higher Profits.

A streamlined POS system serves everyone in your bar. With tools that make it easy to quickly process and fill orders, your bar can provide better experiences for your team and your customers.

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