Stop Paying Credit Card
Processing Fees

Use Lavu’s Cash Discount Program to offset credit card processing fees and reinvest those savings into your business.

Cut Your Third Highest
Restaurant Expense

Every time a customer uses a credit or debit card, you lose roughly 3-4% on the transaction. And if a credit card has a loyalty program, the fee can be as high as 8%. For most restaurants, this cost amounts to their third-highest annual expense. 

We know every dollar matters to your business. So we created a way for you to cut this expense from your bottom line. It’s through Lavu’s Cash Discount Program (CDP).

What’s a Cash Discount Program?
How Does It Work?

Lavu’s Cash Discount Program rewards customers for paying in cash and helps restaurants offset up to 99% of their credit card processing fees.

When a customer is ready to pay with a credit or debit card, their bill includes a non-cash adjustment.

The customer can choose to avoid the charge by paying with cash. The entire transaction is fully transparent.

If the customer pays in cash, they save. If the customer pays with a card, they pay a fee which covers up to 99% of your processing fees.

The CDP is a win-win for customers and your business. You both get an opportunity to save.
See the process in action. Walk through the entire customer experience with a free demo.

Generate Savings For Your Customers & Your Restaurant

Most customers know credit card processing fees are high, and they aren’t surprised or turned off by non-cash adjustment fees. 

Surveys have shown that 99.2% of customers don’t mind paying the fee, and they like supporting local businesses.

Plus, by presenting a cash discount, customers have a chance to save — instead of paying the cost passed through as higher menu prices. 

Consider how much you can save in just one year.

Now Is the Time to Implement
A Cash Savings Program

Each day that passes, your restaurant is paying credit card fees when you don’t need to. Try the program, and see what benefits you can get in addition to thousands of dollars in savings. 

Cut Expenses

Cut Expenses

Credit card processing fees continue to rise. Start saving today by putting a plan in place to cut down on this cost. 

Keep Up with Competitors

Keep Up with Competitors

Passing on credit card processing fees is going to be the norm, and many national chains and independent restaurants are already implementing this practice. 

Prevent Menu Price Increase

Prevent Menu Price Increase

As costs go up, so do menu prices. Keep prices down by cutting out one of the biggest expenses at your restaurant.

Try It with No Risk 

Try It with No Risk 

Implement with no risk or contract. If you don’t like it, turn it off. It’s worth it to see what savings you can create in just one month. 

Stay Legal & Compliant

Stay Legal & Compliant

This program is legal in all 50 states and fully compliant with major credit cards when implemented through Lavu’s Cash Discount Program, unlike some other credit card surcharges. 

Get Training & Signage

Get Training & Signage

Confidently promote the Cash Discount Program in your restaurant with training for your team and free promotional signage. 

Offset Expensive Credit Card Processing Fees

Keep more cash in your restaurant, and pass savings onto your customers. See how much you can save by cutting out expensive credit card processing fees through Lavu’s patent-pending Cash Discount Program.

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