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Finally, a game-changing offer that gives you cash back to cover all your costs and more. With Dual Pricing, you’re in for an extraordinary payment solution. Offset credit card processing fees and reinvest your savings.

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A cash discount program with dual pricing works by rewarding customers for paying with cash. When a customer is ready to pay, the customer can choose the cash price which applies a cash discount off the Card Price total. If the guest pays in cash, they save. If the guest pays with a card they pay the higher listed price offsetting up to 99% of credit card processing fees. 

Cash discounting is legal in all 50 states. The Durbin Amendment protects cash discount programs and sets federal guidelines for compliance. The federal guidelines require restaurants to disclose the details of the program to customers through signage and receipts, which is a best practice for informing customers about the benefits of the program. Cash discounting is different from credit card surcharges which are not legal in all 50 states. 

The advantages of a cash discount are for both restaurants and customers. Restaurants avoid paying expensive credit card processing fees, and customers save by spending less on each transaction. Cash discounts reduce costs, and savings are passed onto customers. 


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