The All-in-One Solution to Payment Processing

Whenever patrons pay at your restaurant, they are placing their trust in you. Your responsibility as a merchant is to protect their credit card data as it passes through the payment processing system. LavuPay does that for you. LavuPay is Lavu’s own payment processing solution. Working seamlessly with Lavu POS, it provides end-to-end security for your customers’ credit card transactions, sending this sensitive information securely over the internet.

Simple & Easy Setup!

Transparent Pricing

Transparent Pricing

-Lowest processing rates
-Flexible terms
-No surprise fees

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

-No additional training required
-Up and running within two days
-Fully integrated with Lavu POS
-Uninterrupted workflow



-24/7 US-based, in-house support
-No more calls to gateways

Complete Protection

With LavuPay, you don’t need to worry about the security of your customers’ credit card transactions. We take care of that for you. LavuPay is PCI compliant, which ensures that your customers’ data is always safe. With LavuPay, payment processing is secure from beginning to end for all transactions. This applies whether the card is swiped, chipped, or tapped.

Simple Free Savings Analysis

Learn exactly how much money you can save with LavuPay. Email us the last three months of your processing statements and we will show you the savings you can achieve with LavuPay. For a free rate comparison. call 888-850-6034 or email your statements to

Email us your

last three months processing statements

we’ll show you your savings!

“You’re gonna love how LavuPay seamlessly works with Lavu POS

Zhi Zhang, Owner
Lan House, Lincoln, WI

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