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Better systems, faster service, happier customers. Speed up your sandwich lines using Lavu’s iPad Deli POS. 

Fast & Easy

The Lavu Bewery POS System for Delis and Sandwich Shops

When running a deli or sandwich shop, you need a simple point-of-sale system to take orders and cash out customers—fast. That’s what you get with Lavu’s iPad-enabled deli POS system. Our system offers exactly what you need to deliver quick service to happy customers.

Contactless iPad POS System for Self Ordering

Increase Guest Satisfaction

Easy-to-Use iPad Technology

Run your sandwich shop with iPad technology that is easy to set up and use. Quickly train new team members, and get 24/7 customer service anytime you need it.

Sandwich Creator

Meet every sandwich request by using intuitive customization features that help you and your customers build unique sandwich creations.

Bluetooth Food Scale

Easily measure meats, cheeses, and toppings to calculate pricing and monitor inventory by connecting your POS to a Bluetooth scale.

Inventory Management

Never run out of an ingredient with a POS system that monitors inventory and reminds you when it’s time to re-order.

Self Service Kiosk & Online Ordering

Help customers avoid the line by offering easy online ordering and self-service kiosks that send orders directly to your deli line.

Customer Loyalty & Cash Discount

Reward customers who regularly visit, and reduce credit card processing fees by offering customers a cash discount at checkout.

Demo Contactless iPad POS Order and Payment Solutions

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Everything You Need in a POS
Run Your Sandwich Shop Better & Faster with Lavu Deli POS

Lavu’s POS offers 200 features that can be customized to provide exactly what your deli or sandwich shop needs.

Plus, it offers an open API so you can sync your POS with other systems you use to run your business. Use Lavu’s POS technology to:

  • Identify best and worst selling items
  • Track inventory
  • Manage employee hours
  • Drive up-sells with combo builders
  • Quickly process payments
  • Make changes to your menu from anywhere
  • Get 24/7 customer support
Line Busting with Lavu Deli POS

The last thing your deli or sandwich shop needs is a long line leading up to your counter. A Lavu deli POS speeds up ordering so you can serve more guests and offer better experiences.

  • Use a mobile iPad POS to serve customers waiting in line.
  • Provide self-ordering kiosks so customers can order without waiting in line.
  • Provide online ordering so customers can walk in, grab orders, and go.
  • Avoid checkout downtime and delays with a reliable cloud-based system that’s always on.

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