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High profits, low stress. Lavu POS keeps drinks flowing and customers coming back to your bar, nightclub, pub, or brewery.

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The Lavu Bewery POS System

Offer customers cold beer and an unbeatable experience with Lavu POS’s speedy, easy system. Lavu provides an all-in-one brewery POS: Use Lavu for orders, payments, inventory, reporting, labor, and much more..

Contactless iPad POS System for Self Ordering

Increase Guest Satisfaction

Payroll & Labor Resources

Lavu’s comprehensive labor management tools include payroll, clocking in and out, access levels, and setting job roles and pay rates. Check labor reports such as sales by server and overtime.

Quick Select Items

Place the most popular items in quick-access spots on the Lavu app. Never worry about scrolling through menus at your brewery to find items over and over.

Inventory Management

Using Lavu as your brewery POS means total control of your inventory. Lavu Inventory lets you track all quantities, vendor relations, purchase orders, and more. Get alerts when items are running low, so you can quickly reorder.

Merchandise Management

Scan brewery merchandise, such as T-shirts or beer glassware for sale in your taproom, into Lavu POS using Lavu-integrated barcode scanners.

Accounting Integrations

Spend less time number-crunching and more time growing your business. Lavu’s accounting integrations save time by doing all your brewery’s accounting for you. Choose how you would like to view sales data, for instance as sales receipts or invoices.

Shift Scheduler

Keep track of all employees with Lavu’s intuitive scheduling features, where you can check and manage employee shifts. Avoid having a busy weekend night without enough brewery staff to meet customers’ needs.

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Restly Shape
Everything You Need in a POS
Happiness on Tap

Offer brewery guests an unforgettably great experience. Build customer relationships with Lavu’s customer loyalty features.
Happy Hours Bring in crowds with special offers, made easy with Lavu. Set discounts during certain time periods, or set multiple discounts offers at once. Gift and loyalty programs build customer relationships at your brewery and keep them strong.

Lavu Gift has no transaction fees. Lavu’s loyalty program offers options including loyalty points and tiered loyalty rewards.

Lavu’s customer database helps you know names and contact information,
so you can always offer your regulars exactly what they want.

Easy Orders & Payments
The Best POS System for Breweries


Open and close as many bar tabs as the night demands. Use tab preauthorization to take payments at the start of the night, preventing forgotten payments and cards left at your brewery.

Simple System

Lavu’s design is simple and easy to use, so you don’t have to think twice about what you need to do in the system. An intuitive interface and modern technology mean reduced training time.

Integrated Payments

Integrated payments improve daily operations. Rather than having to juggle various third-party payment systems, you can manage all payments from your brewery POS. Lavu has complete payment integration, managing all transactions that go through our system.

Total Reporting
Brew Data at Your Fingertips

All Reports in One Place

From sales to inventory to labor, know exactly how well your brewery is doing on all fronts, no matter the time of day. Find all reports in the easy-to-access Lavu Control Panel. Reports drill down to details such as payments made at specific registers.

Live Reports

Because Lavu is cloud-based, all your brewery reports are accessible online through a computer or mobile device. Check your reports at home, on vacation, or anywhere with an Internet connection.

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