The Best POS System for Food Trucks

For speedy service on the go. Quickly processes orders and payments on the road with a food truck POS system.

Fast & Easy

The Food Truck POS that Keeps Lines Flowing

Food trucks are all about flexibility, mobility, and serving customers fast! Customers want to walk up, order, and quickly get back to the fun with their food and drinks in hand.

Lavu’s food truck POS system makes it easy to swiftly take orders and process payments — all while giving you the operations and management tools you need to run your business on the go.

Contactless iPad POS System for Self Ordering

Increase Guest Satisfaction

Space-Saving iPad POS Technology

Get all of the POS features you need in a compact iPad system that takes up next to no space in your food truck.

Handheld Ordering Devices

Bust long lines by using a mobile ordering tablet (iPad or iPhone) to take orders from customers while they wait in line.

Quick Payment Processing

Use fast, secure payment processing that accepts electronic signatures and immediately emails or texts customer receipts.

Offline Mode

Never worry about dead spots or losing WiFi. Lavu’s food truck POS accepts orders and processes payment even if you don’t have internet access.

Customer Database

Remember and reward loyal customers with a database that tracks customer names, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Inventory Management

Track the inventory in your food truck, immediately update menus when an item is no longer available, and manage your vendors to quickly reorder.

Demo Contactless iPad POS Order and Payment Solutions

Restly Shape
Everything You Need in a POS
Get Advanced Reporting that Goes Where You Go

With Lavu’s food truck POS system, you can check sales reports and records from anywhere at any time. Access a variety of reports to identify trends, show how items sell in various locations, and discover the best spots for your food truck.

  • Activity reports, such as refund summaries and voided orders
  • Order reports, such as open and closed orders
  • Sales reports, such as hourly sales and daily totals by date
  • Product reports, such as best sellers and inventory usage
  • Labor reports, such as timecard reports and overtime reports
Easy Orders & Payments
Manage Your Food Truck on the Road

Lavu’s food truck POS system allows you to manage orders, payment, reporting, labor, and more. Choose from 200+ features that help you run your business on the go.

  • Update your menu from anywhere, any time.
  • Manage staff clock-in and clock-out.
  • Offer cash discounts to offset credit card fees.
  • Facilitate upselling and combo recommendations.
  • Track and manage inventory.
  • Use an API to connect with your other software.
  • Get 24/7 support to help your business at any time. 
  • And so much more.
Total Reporting
The Food Truck POS Focused on Mobility and Reliability

Lavu POS is a flexible, mobile system designed for ease of use, whether you’re behind the window or taking orders from customers in line.

  • Place orders in just a few taps with intuitive ordering screens.  
  • Save space in your truck with sleek hardware that takes up very little counter space.  
  • Add online ordering so guests can avoid lines and place orders from their mobile devices.  
  • Accept orders and payment even if you don’t have internet access. 
  • Send text messages to alert customers when their food is ready. 

With Lavu as your food truck POS system, you can travel the neighborhood—or the world—with ease.

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