Features of Lavu Winery POS

Promotions & Happy Hours

Lavu’s cloud-based POS system keeps your equipment needs low while moving orders along at lightning speed. All you need to take orders at your winery is an iOS device. Save space with our lightweight equipment.

Preauthorized Tabs
Top Security

Prevent security breaches by using a secure winery POS. Lavu uses Apple iOS, known for its security against malware attacks. EMV chip card technology, end-to-end encryption, and tokenization safeguard customer data, so you and your customers can rest easy.

Inventory Control
Simplified Payments

Process money quickly with our easy-to-use payment system, featuring industry-leading processing rates. Taxes and tips have never been easier to arrange. Our various payment options include EMV and NFC solutions, so customers can pay any way they wish

Promotions & Happy Hours
Offline Mode

Lavu’s offline mode allows your winery to keep operating even when the internet goes down, preventing frustrated customers and a loss of sales.

Preauthorized Tabs
Quick-Serve Mode

Quick-serve mode sends you immediately to the order screen as soon as an order is placed, to keep order-taking as quick as possible—and to keep customers moving to the front of the line. Speedier service means faster food ordering and, most important, satisfied customers.

Inventory Control
Menu Customization

Customize your menu in Lavu POS to make it exactly what you want it to be. Categorize items for easy sales tracking. Add modifiers, such as optional sides, so a pop up will appear in the Lavu system when servers should offer customers extra items.

Smooth & Modern Operations

Lavu’s POS for wineries is a mobile, modern POS solution. With its minimal footprint and sleek interface, Lavu offers a compact, state-of-the-art system for all operations, from order taking to payments and receipts. Instead of detracting from the appealing aesthetics and ambiance at your winery, your POS should enhance them. Lavu does just that.

Take orders quickly with Lavu’s iPad-based POS. Winery staff members can just open up the Lavu system on the iPad, select the items being ordered, and proceed to process and checkout. Using Lavu as your winery’s mobile POS allows faster, more accurate orders and improved overall efficiency. Lavu speeds up ordering with several key features:

  • Menu items are categorized and labeled
  • The quick selector feature spotlights the most popular items.
  • Note customer preferences in the order notes.
  • Set automatic discounts with the happy hour feature

Plan for Growth

Growth drives the winery business (and not just because it depends on grapes growing). You need a winery POS that will allow your business to grow. Lavu’s flexibility and enterprise-level features—such as regional and global reporting for multi-location businesses—permit easy scaling up.

Lavu is always growing, too. Our 300+ feature set is always expanding, so winery owners and others in the food and beverage industries can have everything they need at their fingertips. Grow together with us.

Clear Communications

Clear communications are critical to business success, yet they risk getting overlooked at wineries, where multiple departments are often working on separate projects. Using Lavu as your winery POS allows all departments to share one system, from marketing to the tasting room to shipping. There is no better way to ensure clarity and accountability.

Kitchen Display System: If you have a kitchen at your winery, you can use Lavu’s Kitchen Display System to send orders directly to the kitchen from the tasting room or front of the house. Orders will show up on an iPad or TV monitor in the kitchen, for easy legibility and fast order processing.

Access Levels: Lavu’s access levels permit winery owners to limit the actions of employees based on their roles. This feature allows everyone at your winery to use the system without anyone making changes in it that may not be desired.

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