Features of Lavu Pizza POS

Promotions & Happy Hours

Pizza Creator

Create custom pizzas using our pizza creator, which lets you build virtual pizzas on your device for easy cooking, pricing, and delivery.

Preauthorized Tabs

Kitchen Display System

Lavu’s Kitchen Display System lets you send tickets directly from the front of house to the kitchen, speeding up orders even more. Orders will appear on an iPad screen or TV monitor in the kitchen.

Inventory Control

Build Any Pizza

Add individual toppings to your world-class pizzas, even to half a pie. Any additional toppings or half-pie toppings are immediately factored into the bill.

Promotions & Happy Hours
Loyalty App

Grow your customer base with Lavu’s gift and loyalty programs. Build your pizzeria’s reputation, brand awareness, and popularity through our flexible programs. Options include points and tiered loyalty rewards.

Preauthorized Tabs
Customer Tracking

Save on order times with Lavu’s customer database. Search by name, phone number, or email address. Use the customer database to build an email list, so you can tell customers about specials and promotions.

Inventory Control
Customer-Facing Display

Let your customers take the reins with Lavu’s customer-facing display. Customers can place orders on the iPad, seeing order details in real-time as they are placed. Customers can also provide digital signatures and tips.

Use Lavu’s Pizzeria POS to Keep Track of Your Dough

Lavu gives your pizza shop a competitive advantage by providing comprehensive reporting. Lavu’s Business Management Suite tells you so much more than total sales. Find out everything you need to know about your business—in real-time. Below are just a few examples of the reports and insights Lavu’s pizza POS system will provide for you:

  • Bestsellers
  • Programs
  • Partnerships
  • Register sales
  • Management
  • Ordering
  • Tracking
  • Integrations
  • Security
  • Shift scheduling
  • Payments Option
  • Customization

Pizza POS Delivery and Online Ordering

Promotions & Happy Hours

Online ordering

Preauthorized Tabs

GPS-based delivery

Inventory Control

Delivered to customers

Online Ordering

Set your business apart with online ordering through your pizza POS. Use Lavu to integrate online ordering into your website to let customers quickly order for delivery or take-out.

Customers can order and enjoy your pizzas from the comfort of their own homes, using Lavu’s delivery and online ordering features.

Customer Database
-Gift and Loyalty
-Simple Check-Out

Faster Service for
Better Business with
Lavu’s Pizza POS

There is a direct relationship between speed of service and how piping hot your pizzas are. Because most pizza fans love fresh-out-of-the-oven pies, speed of service has a huge effect on customer satisfaction. Take orders quickly on Lavu’s iPad-based pizza pos system. Mobile, lightweight, and fast, Lavu makes order placement as easy as pie. Use Lavu to take all payments, too. Lavu works with all payment types from cash to chip card to contactless payments such as Apple Pay. Lavu is compatible with virtually all credit card processors. Lavu’s ease of use also means reduced training time and fewer order mistakes introduced by human error.

“Delightful experience working with you. You are truly are a company that values your customers.”

Zhi Zhang,
Owner Lan House,
Lincoln, WI

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