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Coffee Shop POS System

Provide speed and convenience for your staff and customers with Lavu’s coffee shop POS. 

Elevate Guest Experience With a Modern Cafe POS System

Lavu’s coffee shop POS gives you everything you need to serve your cafe customers, whether they want to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or quickly get in and out with their order.

Use Lavu’s flexible point-of-sale system features to create an easy ordering experience. Speedily serve guests and satisfy them with their favorite cafe drinks, pastries, and snacks.

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Features of Lavu’s Coffee Shop POS System

Get tools to quickly serve guests while maintaining a relaxing environment.

iPad Touchscreen POS

iPad Touchscreen

Easily enter orders with an iPad touchscreen POS system that your staff can quickly learn to use and operate.

Quick-Click Drink Modifiers

Drink Modifiers

Submit complex drink orders in just a few clicks with menu prompts that guide customers or staff through drink modifiers.

Online Ordering

Online Ordering

Allow customers to place orders online so they can grab and go with their favorite cafe beverages and snacks.



Prevent long lines by offering customers a way to place orders on their own using touchscreen self-ordering kiosks.

 Customer Loyalty & Cash Discounts

 Customer Loyalty & Cash Discounts

Use a customer database to store repeat guest orders, reward loyal customers, and offer cash discounts that help customers (and you) save.

Quick, SecurePayment Processing

Quick, Secure
Payment Processing

Keep lines moving with fast, secure payment processing that is never down — even if the internet is out.  

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A Coffee Shop POS Built for You and Your Customers 

The best coffee shop POS system works for your employees and your customers. Lavu’s point-of-sale system does both. It:

  • Makes it easy for your team to place orders in just a few taps with intuitive ordering screens.  
  • Displays photos of menu items to make ordering simple. 
  • Allows customers to customize their own drinks with easy modifiers. 
  • Saves favorite items so guests can re-order without re-entering their order details. 
  • Upsells items from your bakery or cafe and suggests drink add-ons. 
  • Sends text messages to alert customers when their order is ready. 

Get Cafe POS Reports to
Increase Profits & Improve Operations

Lavu’s cafe POS system does more than process orders and payments.
It also creates reports that help you improve operations and drive more sales.

  • View your best and worst selling items.
  • Review sales by category (such as hot drinks vs. cold drinks).
  • Identify trends and customer habits. 
  • Analyze coupon use and customer loyalty discounts.
  • Pull reports for employee time cards and sales performance. 
  • Monitor and manage inventory. 
  • Use an API to sync reports with other software and tools.
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Get Your Cafe POS Up and Running In No Time

Getting all the benefits of Lavu’s coffee shop POS is easier than you think. 

You don’t have to worry about setting up, managing, or updating your system — because Lavu is here to do it for you! We are a hospitality team helping hospitality businesses. We’re here to serve you.

  • Work one-on-one with a Lavu rep to configure your software to work the way you need it to. 
  • Choose from 200+ features to help you run your business.
  • Sit back while Lavu builds out your menu and adds your products. 
  • Learn how to use your cafe POS with guided training and instruction from Lavu. 
  • Never go through a problem on your own with 24/7 support to help your business at any time.
  • Work with a Lavu rep to add new features as your business grows! 

Lavu isn’t a POS provider. We are a partner who is here to help your business succeed and grow.

Get the Best
POS System for Your Coffee Shop

You have customers to take care of—so we are here to take care of you. Find out how Lavu can get your coffee shop up and running on a new POS in just a few days. Schedule a free demo today. Run your business with a POS designed perfectly for your cafe. See how Lavu’s coffee shop POS can provide just what you need to better serve your team and customers. 

Schedule your free demo today.

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