Bar POS System

High profits, low stress. Lavu POS keeps drinks flowing and customers coming back to your bar, nightclub, pub, or brewery.

Features of Lavu Bar POS

Promotions and Happy Hours

Happy hours, drink specials, promotions, and events are a core part of bar success. Use Lavu’s data insights to know what to promote, when, and to whom. Set happy hours with automatic percentage or dollar amount discounts during certain times, or create multiple happy hours at once.

Preauthorized Tabs

Use tab preauthorization to take payments at the start of the night. Unpaid tabs? Customers forgetting to close out? No longer issues you have to worry about.

Inventory Control

Always know how much of each ingredient you have in stock, and get alerts when items are running low. Track merchandise, manage vendor relationships, and generate purchase orders with Lavu POS.

Menu Management

Customize your menu to best fit your bar, and make menu updates from anywhere. Use quick-selector tools to have instant access to your fastest-selling items.

Getting Payroll Right

See exact labor costs per hour, to easily determine whether you need to adjust payroll. Track sales by server, and see exactly when each staff member is clocking in and out.

Thorough Reporting

Using Lavu as your bar point of sale system allows you to see all sales and labor data with the press of a button. You can rest easy, knowing everything is under control.

Lavu’s POS for Bars Works for
all Establishments

Sports bars


Karaoke bars


Music venues


Bar operations as smooth as top-shelf whiskey

You want your bar to be busy, not chaotic. Streamline operations with a bar POS that does it all.

Better Service

Simplify the ordering process and improve order accuracy with Lavu’s iPad-based POS with fast-order features. Make bartenders’ jobs easier and customers happier, all at once.

Greater Efficiency

On the floor, on the go. Lavu’s mobile POS processes orders and takes payments from anywhere at your bar.

Stronger Security

Keep your data safe with best-in-class security. Limit fraud liability with EMV technology and PCI-compliant hardware.

Track Bar Sales Down to the Drop

Dozens of reports. All your data needs.

Thorough Business Insights

Know what’s going on behind and in front of the bar at every moment of every day. See orders as they occur, understand how each item is selling, and discover important trends.

Make the Right Business Decisions

Who are your top employees? What are your costs per hour? How are sales changing over time? Having these answers and many more will help you know just what to do at your bar.

Real-Time Reports from Anywhere

You don’t have to live at your bar to see it succeed. Use Lavu POS to check reports from anywhere, 24/7/365. Our cloud-based system allows you to keep track of all tabs while on the go.

Bar POS Made Easy-Simple Process

Servers & Bartenders

The server takes the order. Drink orders are sent directly to a kitchen display system or printer near the bartender.


The order is prepared. If you have a kitchen, orders can be sent directly from the front of house to a printer or kitchen display system there.

Happy Customers

Customers enjoy their drinks and/or food, which they didn’t have to wait long for. Customers pay through Lavu Point of Sale, using the same iOS device used for orders.

Bar Tabs

Servers can also use Lavu’s preauthorization feature to create bar tabs when customers first place their orders.

Reduced Training Time

If you know how to use an iPad, you know how to use Lavu.

Delightful experience working with you. You are truly a company that values your customers.

Zhi Zhang,
Owner Lan House,
Lincoln, WI

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