Bar POS System

High profits, low stress. Lavu POS keeps drinks flowing and customers coming back to your bar, nightclub, pub, or brewery.

Features of Lavu Bar POS

Promotions and Happy Hours

Happy hours, drink specials, promotions, and events are a core part of bar success. Use Lavu’s data insights to know what to promote, when, and to whom. Set happy hours with automatic percentage or dollar amount discounts during certain times, or create multiple happy hours at once.

Preauthorized Tabs

Use tab preauthorization to take payments at the start of the night. Unpaid tabs? Customers forgetting to close out? No longer issues you have to worry about.

Inventory Control

Always know how much of each ingredient you have in stock, and get alerts when items are running low. Track merchandise, manage vendor relationships, and generate purchase orders with Lavu POS.

Menu Management

Customize your menu to best fit your bar, and make menu updates from anyw