Lavu’s all-in-one system keeps everything you need at your fingertips—literally. Browse a sampling of our hundreds of features, all designed exclusively for restaurants and bars.

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Keep Tables Turning and Lines Flowing

Total Layout Customization

Configure Lavu to reflect the layout of your restaurant or bar. Keep track of open tables, open orders, and payment status.

Total Menu Customization

Forced and optional modifiers ensure that the right questions always get asked. For instance, when a customer orders a burger, a prompt will appear asking how it should be cooked.

Offline Mode

If your Internet goes down, you’re okay. Continue taking orders using the offline mode.

Quick Selector Feature

Keep the hottest items right at your fingertips.

Happy Hour Feature

Set automatic percentage or dollar discounts during certain times.

Tab Preauthorization

Customers can pay for their drinks at the start of the night, preventing forgotten cards.

Other FOH Features

  • Order transfers
  • Custom payment types
  • Order notes
  • Guest count

Improve Kitchen Efficiency and Communications

Kitchen Display System

Send orders from any front-of-house Lavu device to the kitchen with the press of a button. Tickets appear in the kitchen on a large-screen monitor with a fast-navigation bump bar.

Control Panel—Everything You Need to Run a Restaurant

The control panel is the one-stop resource center for restaurant owners and managers. Check reports, create schedules, manage resources, and more.

Schedule Shifts

Managers can schedule shifts, and staff can trade shifts, clock in, and clock out, with utmost efficiency and ease.

QuickBooks Integration

Lavu’s reporting system integrates with QuickBooks to provide the most thorough business management solution.

All the Reports You Need

Check detailed reports on everything from labor to sales to activity.

Customer Database

Look up customers by name, email address, or phone number.

Inventory Tracking

Keep track of inventory levels, and find out when you're running low on ingredients.

Language Packs

Choose from dozens of language options—the most languages available in point of sale.

Access Levels

Set restrictions on who can perform which functions in the Lavu system.

Pizza-Building Module

Plan even the most complex of pizzas easily with our pizza builder.

Other CP Features

  • Multiple location reporting
  • Price adjustments
  • Real-time inventory adjustments

Getting started with Lavu is easy.

Either work with us at Lavu headquarters, or work with one of our resellers around the globe, to have a local contact for sales and support.

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Always on the Move

Online Ordering

Customers can place online orders using Lavu ToGo.

Lavu Delivery

Our GPS-based delivery system ensures that orders will arrive at customers’ doorsteps by the best routes available.

Lavu Pilot App

Use the Lavu Pilot App to see how your business is doing no matter where in the world you are. Access the complete suite of Lavu business reports wherever there’s Internet.

Other Features

24/7 Customer Support

Our second-to-none Customer Care team is always here to help you.

Simple Setup

Lavu’s product experts can get you up and running fast. Find out more about Lavu services.

Best-in-Class Security

We keep data safe with end-to-end encryption, tokenization, and EMV chip card technology.

Lavu Gift and Loyalty

Our flexible, intuitive gift card program will bring new customers your way. Use the Lavu Loyalty program to build a dedicated customer base.

Partnerships with Industry Leaders

Lavu’s partners are world leaders in payment processing, hardware, networking, and services.

Go Green

Decrease paper waste with emailed receipts and the Lavu KDS, eliminating the need for kitchen receipts.

Open API

If you are a programmer, our open API lets you customize Lavu features or add some of your own.

Future Features

Our development team is always coming up with new features, so we are always providing the best in restaurant tech. What will be next?

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