iPad POS Features

Lavu’s POS is a feature-rich, modern, and easy-to-use restaurant management system that ensures everything in your restaurant runs quickly, efficiently, and accurately. It streamlines your operations, simplifying restaurant management and improving the customer experience. Take a look at some of our many cutting-edge features and you’ll see why Lavu’s restaurant management system is used by thousands of restaurants in 89 countries.

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Lavu POS

Keep Tables Turning and Lines Flowing

First impressions count, particularly in the restaurant business. When customers walk into your eating establishment, they quickly assess the décor, the food, the staff, and more. From these first impressions, they may determine whether to stay or not. You need to hook them from the get-go, and Lavu can help.

Front of House Features

Increase Operational Efficiency

Decrease service time through Pre-Order and Pay-at-POS with automated loyalty redemption.


Customers can skip the line by pre-ordering; the order is sent directly to the POS and a countdown shown to the customer. Product information is pulled from the POS and preorder menus can be managed through the Lavu Loyalty App web console.

Drive Revenue

Increase order frequency and average order value by increasing capacity and engaging your most valuable customers.

Multiple Payment Options

Able to accept: cash, card (insert and swipe), gift cards and Apple Pay.

Menu Interface

Easily identifiable menu items with images, descriptions, and recipes, or clearly label and color code your menu items and their categories. Apply forced and optional modifiers immediately after selecting a menu item and even apply happy hour discounts.

Server Functions

Useful server functions to keep service running smoothly. Functions include: easy and flexible check splitting, seat and course numbering, hold and fire button option, simplified order transferring, and employee clock-in and out.

Terminal and Tableside

Decrease order times and increase order quantity at the register, server station, or tableside. Connected wirelessly to a kitchen printer or kitchen display system, never miss another order, no matter where you take it.

Ease of Use

Full touch screen interface requiring little to no training time. If you can use an iPad, you can use Lavu.

Combo Builder

Lavu’s Combo Builder allows restaurant owners to create combinations or “combos” from existing menu items; for example, one combo might be a soda, burger, and fries all grouped together as one combo. Grouping items is easier for servers and more efficient for kitchen operations.

Allows individual components of the combo to go to different printers: drinks to the bar, entrees to the kitchen, etc.

Ability to create a combo without using forced modifiers.

When combined with Hold & Fire, each component can be fired individually or at the same time.

Allows for pricing, for individual items or as a whole combo.

Dual Cash Drawer

The dual cash drawer helps manage security at the point of sale terminal. Two cash drawers are attached to a single, shared POS terminal and printer, but each drawer is assigned to a single server. This system allows managers to hold employees accountable for the integrity of the till.

Ability to enable the dual cash drawer feature on any POS terminal.

Server is automatically connected to the correct drawer when they pin-in.

Manager may override any drawer using their manager PIN.

Allows cash drawers to be managed more effectively.

Updated reporting reflects cash drawer and terminal usage, such as till reports and activity logs.

All register functions respect the cash drawer assignment.

Improve Kitchen Efficiency
& Communications

Lightning-Speed Restaurant Communications, For Fast, Flawless Orders.

Lavu Kitchen Display Systems are the key to strong communications and order accuracy at your restaurant or bar. Use Lavu Kitchen Display Systems to easily track orders and ensure that customers get their meals quickly and exactly as requested.

Send orders from any front-of-house Lavu device to the kitchen with the press of a button. Tickets appear in the kitchen on a large-screen monitor with a fast-navigation bump bar.

Lavu KDS

Lavu KDS has been designed to let you take control of your kitchen operations. Whether you’re a full-service restaurant, a high-volume, quick-service chain, or any other food & drink establishment type, Lavu KDS will help your business operate at top efficiency.

iPad-based, with a touch-screen display

Customizable interface and display options

Real-time ordering and communications

Paid and unpaid identifiers

Visual indicators for updated or deleted items

Reporting on order times and item times

Lavu Epson KDS

Lavu has certified Epson’s multi-station KDS as an optimal controller solution. With Epson’s KDS, Lavu customers can quickly manage kitchen tickets, which are displayed on the KDS for easy visibility and management.
Lavu Epson KDS Features

Feature-rich hardware and software solution

High resolution for large display

Multi-station solutions

Pre-configuration when ordered from Lavu

Customizable display options

Fully integrated with Lavu POS

Lavu Restaurant Management System has Everything
You Need to Run Efficiently

Lavu’s control panel has never before been so intuitive and easy to use. It is designed with your business day in mind. We have redesigned and reconfigured our setup to better match your processes. Lavu’s state-of-the-art reporting platform has an extended feature set, making it your one-stop shop to check reports, create schedules, manage resources and more. With Lavu, what you see is what you get: a clean, modern, and easy-to-navigate interface that requires fewer clicks to get things done, whether it’s end-of-day reporting or an inventory check. As a result, your interactions with the interface are faster and more efficient, giving you back time that you can dedicate to what really matters: your restaurant.

Schedule Shifts

Managers can schedule shifts, and staff can trade shifts, clock in, and clock out, with utmost efficiency and ease.

All the Reports You Need

Check detailed reports on everything from labor to sales to activity.

Customer Database

Access order history and contact information. Look up customers by name, email address or phone number.

Inventory Tracking

Keep track of inventory levels, and find out when you’re running low on ingredients.

Open API

Lavu’s reporting system integrates with QuickBooks to provide the most thorough business management solution.

Access Levels

Set restrictions on who can perform which functions in the Lavu system.

Global Outreach

Choose from 26 different language packs, cross-currency conversions, and English and Spanish versions.

Pizza-Building Module

Plan even the most complex of pizzas easily with our pizza builder. Learn more about Lavu for your pizzeria.

Lavu Inventory

When you are in control of your inventory, you are in control of your business.

Manage all vendor relationships in one place

Generate accurate, immediate financial reporting

Get real-time inventory updates

Create purchase orders for vendors

Receive inventory manually or automatically via purchase orders

Generate accurate, immediate financial reporting

Food cost control allows for greater profit margins. Lavu Inventory management features allow you to see changing food costs, what’s selling and what doesn’t, and the total value of goods held in inventory. All this in real-time.