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Using Lavu as your food truck POS system allows you to take orders from customers while they wait in line, increasing sales and ensuring that all customers get their orders quickly. Take orders on a mobile device such as an iPad, iPhone, or even an iPod touch.
Lavu’s time-saving features extend beyond just mobility and a speedy Apple operating system.
Other time-saving options include emailed receipts and electronic signatures. Your food truck customers will be pleased with the speed of service and the fresh meals they didn’t have to wait for. Use Lavu to build lasting customer relationships.
Our customer database tracks customer names, phone numbers, and email addresses, establishing enduring relationships with the people who help your business flourish.

Features of Lavu Food Truck POS

Promotions & Happy Hours

Happy hours, drink specials, promotions, and events are a core part of bar success. Use Lavu’s data insights to know what to promote, when, and to whom. Set happy hours with automatic percentage or dollar amount discounts during certain times.

Preauthorized Tabs
Top Security

Use tab preauthorization to take payments at the start of the night. Unpaid tabs? Customers forgetting to close out? No longer issues you have to worry about.

Inventory Control
Simplified Payments

Always know how much of each ingredient you have in stock, and get alerts when items are running low. Track merchandise, manage vendor relationships, and generate purchase orders with Lavu POS.

Promotions & Happy Hours
Offline Mode

As you know, running a food truck isn’t the most predictable job. Lavu’s offline mode allows your food truck to keep operating even when the Internet goes down, preventing frustrated customers and a loss of sales.

Preauthorized Tabs
Quick-Serve Mode

Quick-serve mode sends you immediately to the order screen as soon as an order is placed, to keep order-taking as quick as possible—and to keep customers moving to the front of the line. Speedier service means faster food ordering and, most important, satisfied customers.

Inventory Control
Menu Customization

Customize your menu in Lavu POS to make it exactly what you want it to be. Categorize items for easy sales tracking. Add modifiers, such as optional sides, so a pop up will appear in the Lavu system when servers should offer customers extra items.

Access Reports from Anywhere

Check sales reports and access records from anywhere with an Internet connection. Log in from any point on your route to see how every item is selling. See how items sell in various locations, to easily figure out the best spot for your food truck.

  • Activity reports, such as refund summaries and voided orders
  • Order reports, such as open and closed orders
  • Product reports, such as best sellers and inventory usage
  • Weather Reports, such as on your local radio station.
  • Sales reports, such as hourly sales and daily totals by date
  • Labor reports, such as timecard reports and overtime reports


Food on the go needs a POS on the go. With Lavu as your food truck POS system, you can travel the neighborhood—or the world—with ease.
Lavu POS and your food truck have an important feature in common: mobility. Lavu is a flexible mobile system designed for ease of use, whether you’re behind the window or taking orders from customers in line.

Manage Labor & Resources

Track all inventory in one place, including purchase orders and quantities down to the ingredient level. Get notifications when items are running low. Lavu POS also lets you make real-time inventory adjustments, so your food truck always has exactly what it needs.

Using Lavu as your food truck POS system allows you to manage all labor easily. From shift scheduling to clocking in and out and labor reporting, you can track all labor through Lavu. Keep labor costs down by understanding what’s working, and what isn’t.

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