Food Truck POS System

Keep Lines Flowing

Using Lavu as your food truck POS system allows you to take orders from customers while they wait in line, increasing sales and ensuring
that all customers get their orders quickly. Take orders on a mobile device such as an iPad, iPhone, or even an iPod touch.
Lavu’s time-saving features extend beyond just mobility and a speedy Apple operating system.
Other time-saving options include emailed receipts and electronic signatures. Your food truck customers will be pleased
with the speed of service and the fresh meals they didn’t have to wait for. Use Lavu to build lasting customer relationships.
Our customer database tracks customer names, phone numbers, and email addresses,
establishing enduring relationships with the people who help your business flourish.

Features of Lavu Food Truck


Lavu’s cloud-based POS system keeps your equipment needs low while moving orders along at lightning speed. All you need to take orders at your food truck is an iOS device. Save space and cut down on fuel costs with our lightweight equipment.

Top Security

Prevent security breaches by using a secure food truck POS. Lavu uses Apple iOS, known for its security against malware attacks. EMV chip card technology, end-to-end encryption, and tokenization safeguard customer data, so you and your customers can rest easy.