Simplify your everyday operations with Lavu. Lavu does so much more than take payments and orders. Use Lavu to manage all resources, check reports, and completely streamline the business of running a restaurant

Use High-Speed Technology to
Keep the Orders Coming

Mobility defines everything we do. Take orders tableside on the iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, or at a standing terminal.

Order-taking has never been easier. Quickly add items to an order with the press of a button, or remove them in an instant when an order changes. Press another button to send tickets directly to the kitchen.

Our order-quickening features include a quick-selector button, forced modifiers, and 86 countdown to tell you when an item is running low.

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Watch Lavu save the day on Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsay.

Any Way Customers Want to Pay

Tableside payments save crucial time and keep the tables turning. They also make customers happy at the end of their meals. Customers can pay, sign, and get a receipt in moments, rather than minutes

Customers pay any way they want.

  • Cash
  • Chip card, with our partnership with PayPal allowing full EMV compliancy
  • Credit card
  • Contactless payment, such as Apple Pay® or Samsung Pay®

Our options go beyond payment types.

  • Split even the most complicated of checks
  • Electronic or handwritten signatures
  • Select automatic gratuity suggestions
  • Emailed or printed receipts

Make Management Completely Manageable

From table layout to menu items, manage your restaurant wherever there’s Internet. Use Lavu to plan and maintain a successful business.


  • Set job roles and pay rates.
  • Schedule and trade shifts.
  • Clock in and clock out.


  • Monitor inventory levels.
  • Our 86 Countdown feature alerts you when ingredients are running low, with plenty of lead time.


  • Plan all menu items, down to the last condiment.
  • Create menu groups for easy sales tracking.
  • Select deals such as happy hours.

“Lavu has been very professional and accommodating in helping us train in the field. I would also say that the Lavu front-end iPad interface is quite easy to learn and handles transfers and splitting checks quite well.”

— Ron Curnutt, EVP Operations, Growler USA

Check Reports to Gauge Success

Take control of your restaurant.

Get quick access to a full range of reports. Say goodbye to number crunching and hello to knowing exactly how well your business is doing.

On the go? View reports anywhere with Internet access using the Lavu Pilot App.

Lavu reports are comprehensive and fully customizable based on your needs.

Real-Time. Real Success.

Check real-time sales reports whenever and wherever you are. Lavu’s sales reports show everything from hourly sales to how many gift cards were redeemed. Labor reports chronicle details such as labor costs by the hour, and activity reports show discounts, refund summaries, a kitchen send log, and much more.

Product and Payments Tracking

Product reports include which items sold the best, sales by category, and ingredient usage. Lavu’s payment reports show everything from payments made at specific registers to how much was paid in cash vs. card.

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It’s a fact: The quality of your restaurant’s POS system can mean the difference between profit and loss. Having the right POS solutions positively affects the functionality of every aspect of your business. From maintaining optimum customer care standards, to your ability to manage your inventory, effective POS can help your restaurant succeed beyond your wildest expectations.