As a restaurant owner, you likely know how much of an impact social media can have on your restaurant’s traffic. Although it can be overwhelming to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of social media, hard work can reward you with increased restaurant traffic.

One of the simplest ways to improve your restaurant’s online presence is to focus on local consumers. Try these fast and straightforward tips to increase your social media presence – and restaurant traffic – today.

1: Target Your Posts Based on Geography

Targeting your restaurant social media posts to reach only the people in your area, also known as geo-targeting, is an easy and effective means of improving your social media presence. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media advertising platforms give you the leverage to limit your audience by country, state, or even city. Each social media platform has its nuances when it comes to geo-targeting.

Facebook ads allow you the ability to create paid geo-target promotions to reach a wider range of audiences. With Twitter’s “promoted tweet” feature, you can target extremely specific locations with the only caveat being you must pay to promote and target your tweets. Instagram’s targeting can be done using location-specific hashtags, e.g. #downtownboston, #abq, #hellskitchennyc, to research which hashtags are trending in your area.

When it comes to geo-targeting, testing different audiences is a great way to hone in on your optimal crowd. We recommend starting with unpaid posts on Facebook pages and Instagram accounts, as the risk you face is shallow. Once you have found your optimal geo-targeted audiences, you can use paid campaigns to drive your sales.

2: Mentions, a great Inter-persons Promotion

A successful way to use social media is to create a social media-based promotion where the customer can “like” your restaurant’s page, or mention your post to receive an in-store promotion. Not only is this an excellent incentive for social media users to try your restaurant, but it is also a great way to gauge how effective your social media campaigns are. Paired with geo-targeting, this can be a powerful digital marketing tool to increase restaurant traffic.

Whenever someone name-drops your brand or hashtag online, it leaves a digital footprint about such a brand; although it could be positive or negative, the important thing is to understand how it works. Every single mention is an opportunity to engage with your audience and shape the publics’ perception of your brand.

Here’s an example: upload a Facebook post accompanied by a tantalizing picture of your promo item with the phrase “Mention the ‘BrandName 2 for 20 specials’ deal and receive two steak entrees and an appetizer for only $20, this week only.”

3: Use Hashtags to Create Social Buzz

Hashtags can provide a whole new level of social media interactio