Lavu for Your Business

No matter your bar or restaurant type, Lavu POS has the customizable tools your business needs to succeed.

Single-Location Restaurant

Boost Your Bottom Line

Less stress, more success. You got into the restaurant business for a reason, and it wasn’t because you love juggling daily operations while worrying about profit margins. Use Lavu to simplify your day and improve your bottom line.

Simple Intuitive, Easy to Use

Reduce training time and increase order speed with mobile technology that’s designed with the user in mind.

Everyone on the Same Page

Your kitchen staff, front of house, and management all need to be on the same page. Make sure everyone knows what every order status is, with the touch of an iPad.

Quick-Access Sales Data

Never wonder how well you’re doing. If your establishment is underperforming, check Lavu’s business reports and analytics to find out why and how to fix it. If business is good, discover how to make it even better.

Multiple-Location / Franchise

Save Time and Money. Simple as That.

Save money with our industry- leading rates and competitive pricing. Turn tables faster with more streamlined operations. Cut the costs associated with human errors, from individual comped meals to large-scale oversights.

Give Your Customers the Best Dining Experience

Twenty-first century customers expect the exceptional. Faster, more accurate service and easier everything – payments, online ordering, you name it – turn first-time customers into regulars.

Give Yourself a Competitive Edge

From self-ordering kiosks to digital menu boards, Lavu is built with leading-edge technology. Our software fully integrates with many state-of-the-art restaurant and bar apps.

Reliability, Security, Success

Prevent or withstand restaurant emergencies with Lavu’s mobile POS software. Internet outages? No problem. Our offline mode saves all your data. Data breaches? Our technology uses next-level security tools to keep the cyber thieves out.

Enterprise-Level Features

Franchise Levels and Reporting

  • Controls and reporting at both the franchisor and franchisee levels.
  • Cross-country reporting with multiple currencies

Access Levels and Employee Classes

  • Access levels ranging from clock in/clock out to owner with multiple locations
  • Employee classes for job titles and pay rates

Regional Reporting

  • Custom reports by location, item, or sales
  • Chain configuration of the Lavu Control Panel

Real-Time Sales Data

  • Granular sales, product, payment reports and much more
  • Lavu Pilot app for mobile access to reports from anywhere

“After using Lavu in our Pinon Coffee House locations, we felt that Lavu was the best fit for our retail operation at our warehouse. All equipment arrived in a day, implementation was a breeze, and any questions were answered same day by the support team or our account manager. Hands down, Lavu is the best POS solution that we’ve come across.”


Take orders. Manage labor. Accept payments.
Track inventory and sales.

Improve Efficiency

Track inventory, set schedules, generate sales and labor reports, and update your menu, all from a single interface, the Lavu Control Panel.

Keep Tables Turning

Lavu’s features speed up service and simplify the processing of all payment types.

Manage Easier

Schedule staff shifts, track labor costs, and take comfort in knowing that your staff is using an intuitive point of sale for all operations.

Keep Track of Everything

Check real-time sales, inventory levels, and much more with the Lavu Business Management Suite.

If You Need It, We Have It

Lavu’s hundreds of features answer all your business needs. From gift cards to menu customization to shift scheduling, Lavu lets you do everything on one easy system.


Our partnerships with industry leaders ensure that you always have the best in hardware, networking, payments, and services.


We have what you need: speed.

Quick-Serve Mode

Take orders on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch and send them directly to the kitchen. Watch as the tables turn and orders fly.

Lavu Kitchen Display System

Use a Lavu Kitchen Display System (KDS) to easily track orders and ensure customers get their meals quickly and correctly. Use less paper with a Lavu KDS and reduce waste.

Forced Modifiers

Ensure that orders are complete when sent to the kitchen by prompting order takers to ask about forced modifiers such as serving size and meat temperature (i.e., rare, medium rare, well done).

Minimal Footprint

With just an iPad and a credit card swiper, your quick serve establishment is in business. Add a cash drawer, receipt printer, and other equipment as needed.

Labor Management

Adjust time cards, create employee classes for different job titles and pay rates, manage employee schedules, and monitor servers’ efficiency on the Lavu Control Panel.

Gift and Loyalty

Increase revenue by catering to your repeat customers. Entice them to visit more often with promotions, special offers, and targeted advertisements.

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