Lavu Kiosk

Simplify, enhance, and expedite the guest experience with Lavu’s self-ordering kiosk. Perfect as an addition to counter staff or as a stand-alone ordering solution, the Lavu kiosk is easy-to-use, intuitive, and designed specifically to help restaurants empower guests and increase table turns while growing revenue.

Kiosks are taking the restaurant industry by storm. In quick-serve and fast-casual restaurants particularly, customers are demanding a fast, seamless experience and kiosks provide just that. Customers ring in, pay for, and send their own orders directly to the kitchen. Streamline your restaurant’s operations with an exciting, innovative Lavu kiosk.

Self-order restaurant kiosks can help provide:

  • Increased sales
  • Higher check averages
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Satisfied customers

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Meet and Exceed Customer Expectations

Today’s consumer is well aware of the benefits of technology and increasingly expects to see the latest technology in use at their favorite restaurants. Those consumers are also exceedingly comfortable using technology for themselves and expectant of the conveniences technology provides. Lavu’s self-ordering kiosk is as easy as using an iPad; immediately intuitive for those customers who jump at the chance to skip the long line at the counter. Together with in-person, online, and mobile ordering options, a kiosk provides your customers an omni-channel ordering experience.

Simplify Ordering and Improve Accuracy

Nobody knows what they want to order better than the customer. Remove any staff error and empower the customer to order for themselves. You can force modifiers, give add-on options, and watch customers fill up their baskets. Add mouth-watering images that will surely increase customer appetites. The kiosk is directly integrated with your kitchen printer or display system (KDS) so the order goes straight from the customer to the kitchen. And of course, the kiosk offers the always-loved option of receipts via text or email in addition to print.

Be Transparent but Stay Secure

The self-ordering kiosk allows the input of nutritional data and allergen information on relevant screens. Impress your customers with alerts on gluten, soy, and vegan options, while staying transparent by providing calorie, fat, sugar, and carb information. The Lavu kiosk is PCI compliant, so you know your customers’ information is safe and payments are encrypted. Accept swiped, chipped, and tapped payments safely and securely.

Decrease Labor Costs While Increasing Revenue

The kiosk will be there all day, every day for a low monthly fee. The kiosk won’t get sick and leave you hanging. The kiosk will be fast and efficient without needing a pep talk. The kiosk will enable your staff to provide that extra bit of service to customers by getting out from behind the counter and connecting, encouraging repeat business. A self-ordering kiosk cuts down on customer order times while increasing average check sizes.

Remain True to You and Stay In Control

Choose a layout and theme colors that reflect your restaurant’s brand and style. The kiosk will be directly connected to your POS control panel so all menu items and daily specials can be available at the kiosk for customer ordering. This also means all sales and ordering activity integrate into your Lavu backend so you have access to data wherever you are, while inventory and sales can be tracked live through both the kiosk and POS terminals. Self-ordering kiosks work great for multiple location restaurants with different menu items, and are perfect for controlling orders you want to continue sending through to your staff, such as alcohol sales which need an ID check. A Lavu kiosk provides all the benefits of a Lavu POS restaurant management system so you enjoy best-in-breed design, interface, and display.

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— Madison Rumbaugh, Business
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