Increase Restaurant Sales With The Lavu
Online Ordering System

Lavu To Go

Looking for a simple way to increase food sales? Offer online ordering with Lavu To Go. Designed specifically for restaurants, Lavu To Go is an easy-to-use online ordering system that will delight current customers, extend your reach to new customers, and increase your bottom line. Our online ordering system streamlines restaurant operations by integrating seamlessly into your restaurant’s website and point-of-sale. Customers can order quickly and easily for delivery or take-out.

Today’s consumer is constantly on the move and has come to expect the convenience of online ordering. Online food orders are an increasingly large portion of restaurant sales and Lavu To Go makes sure your restaurant is competing for those sales. With its intuitive, user-friendly interface that hungry customers will come back to again and again, Lavu To Go is a vital part of a modern restaurant management platform.

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Increase Sales

Lavu’s simple online ordering system allows your restaurant to join the online ordering space for a low cost with little maintenance. Restaurant staff doesn’t have to spend time entering customer orders, owners and managers don’t