Lavu To Go

Looking for a simple way to increase food sales? Offer online ordering with Lavu To Go. Designed specifically for restaurants, Lavu To Go is an easy-to-use online ordering system that will delight current customers, extend your reach to new customers, and increase your bottom line. Our online ordering system streamlines restaurant operations by integrating seamlessly into your restaurant website and point-of-sale. Customers can order quickly and easily for delivery or take-out.

Simple. Easy. Convenient.

Today’s consumer is constantly on the move and has come to expect the convenience of online ordering. Online food orders are an increasingly large portion of restaurant sales and Lavu To Go makes sure your restaurant is competing for those sales. With its intuitive, user-friendly interface that hungry customers will come back to again and again, Lavu To Go is a vital part of a modern restaurant management platform.

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Increase Sales

Lavu’s simple online ordering system allows your restaurant to join the online ordering space for a low cost with little maintenance. Restaurant staff doesn’t have to spend time entering customer orders, owners and managers don’t have to report on sales and inventory from a different platform, and customers can set up a profile that makes reordering simple and increases return business. With online ordering, diners can order from any mobile device and even prepay. Orders go directly to the kitchen, improving order accuracy and allowing faster turnaround. Customers experience shorter lines and wait times

Lavu To Go offers:

  • Upsell Prompts
  • Nurtitional Information
  • Custom Modifiers
  • Customer Profiles

Branding and Reporting Tools

With Lavu To Go, you can tailor your online ordering site to your needs.

Lavu’s online ordering system allows you to brand your customer interface with your restaurant’s look and feel. And you can change it all easily and quickly when you update your menu or revamp your logo. With its comprehensive reporting toolbox, Lavu’s online ordering system empowers you to track your sales easily, without using third party software or exporting reports from another platform.

With Lavu To Go, you will be able to:

  • Compare online versus in-store sales
  • Manage reports directly from POS
  • Provide easy online ordering at a low cost

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At Lavu, everyone has the
customer’s best interest at heart.
And that’s a big deal.

— Saagar Grover, CFO,
Twisters, Colorado & New Mexico