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Your technology is the most immediate way to tell customers you’re a leader. With its sleek, user-friendly interface and rich feature set, Lavu provides the latest in innovative mobile technology.

Ease of Use

In a Nielsen study, Generation Y (a.k.a. Millennials) ranked “technology use” as the most defining characteristic of their generation.* Cut back on training by letting staff use mobile devices they know like the back of their hand.

Lavu Offers Enterprise-Level Features

The Latest in Restaurant Tech

Technology helps to increase sales
Technology increases the productivity of restaurants
Technology gives restaurants a competitive advantage*

Lavu is the latest in restaurant tech, offering a state-of-the-art feature set.

* Source: National Restaurant Association’s Restaurant Technology Survey 2016

“After using Lavu in our Pinon Coffee House locations, we felt that Lavu was the best fit for our retail operation at our warehouse. All equipment arrived in a day, implementation was a breeze, and any questions were answered same day by the support team or our account manager. Hands down, Lavu is the best POS solution that we’ve come across.”

— Matthew Bregar, Controller, New Mexico Pinon Coffee


Take orders. Manage labor. Accept payments. Track
inventory and sales.

Improve Efficiency

Take orders on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch and send them directly to the kitchen. Watch as the tables turn and orders fly.

Keep Tables Turning

Lavu’s features speed up service and simplify the processing of all payment types.

Manage Easier

Schedule staff shifts, track labor costs, and take comfort in knowing that your staff is using an intuitive point of sale for all operations.

Keep Track of Everything

Check real-time sales, inventory levels, and much more with the Lavu Business Management Suite.

If You Need It, We Have It

Lavu’s hundreds of features answer all your business needs. From gift cards to menu customization to shift scheduling, Lavu lets you do everything on one easy system


Our partnerships with industry leaders ensure that you always have the best in hardware, networking, payments, and services.

“Lavu is a great POS system that has helped us a lot over the years. We do not have to shout ticket items to each other anymore, or pass order tickets to each other on a busy night.”— Atilla Suzer, Owner, Bacio Pizzeria, Washington, DC USA


We have what you need: speed.

Quick-Serve Mode

Each new order starts on a simple menu screen. Upon checkout, users are sent right back to the order screen to begin another transaction. This saves time and generates quick turnover.

Lavu Kitchen Display System

The Lavu Kitchen Display System allows your entire BOH staff to always know exactly what is needed and when. Send orders directly from any iOS device running Lavu POS to the KDS in the kitchen, for more streamlined, accurate operations.

Forced Modifiers

When things are moving at top speed at your establishment, it’s easy to overlook important items. With Lavu’s forced modifier program, essential questions—such as, “Would you like fries with that?”—pop up in the system, to ensure that orders always have everything they need.

Minimal Footprint

To run at maximum efficiency, you need maximum organization. Lavu’s hardware needs, on the other hand, are minimal, cutting down on the space in your restaurant that isn’t dedicated to serving customers.

Labor Management

See how each member of your staff is performing in one quick glance. Improve operations by quickly adjusting schedules and assigning shifts.

Gift and Loyalty

Lavu’s Gift and Loyalty programs will bring happy customers your way—and inspire them to keep coming back. Increase your brand awareness and boost your business’s reputation by making guests feel appreciated.Lavu Gift and Loyalty.

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